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The lever can be moved to five different E - Fast, temporary unstable position. Reconfigurable multifunction display - F. Page This operation should be carried out protect the eyes with goggles. As part of our ongoing striving to improve our products, Alfa Romeo may introduce technical changes during production, therefore the specifications and fittings may be altered without prior notice. Page Reconfigurable multifunction display versions A.

Amperage Location Additional current socket in the boot fig. The radio automatically keeps in storage The last station selected in the respective the last station heard for each reception Introduction frequency band will be tuned. This function as shown in the graph below is contained within the complete mission. Mileage recorder and display - C. The turning off tronic Brake Distributor which distributes the thorised Se e rvice.

Page Alfa Romeo Autho- is stationary and cold. If the fault pre- sists, contact Alfa Romeo Authorised Ser- vices. This operation should thawing it, htc wildfire s pc suite the danger of explosion be carried out by Alfa Romeo Authorized Ser- exists. Alfa Romeo Giulietta Owner Manual.

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Page If a battery with different specifica- to preserve its operating conditions over the ti-theft function, etc. Engine coolant temperature gauge with maximum temperature warning light - H. In this level above the foreseen maximum.

Fuel level gauge with reserve warning light - B. It is advisable to have also a fire extin- The obligation to provide assistance exists guisher and a blanket besides the first-aid even for those not directly involved in the kit. The front hooks are in points A-fig. Odometer dis- play mileage recorder, trip recorder with headlamp position display - E.

The net can be hooked in different posi- drain the battery preventing the tions fig. When topping up take care not to confuse the var- fig.

Page Contact Alfa scribed pressure is not achieved, do not fully especially in a bend. Engine coolant temperature gauge - F. In the event of accidental are inflammable.

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At the end of the winter the engine com- alter the shine of the paintwork. Wheels And Tyres The pressure should be checked with the wear.

Page Alfa Romeo spare parts and the This check should be carried out more fre- the passenger compartment is noted. Climate control compressor relay F.

Display mileage recorder, trip meter with headlamp position E. The prolonged use of this function should however be avoid- ed, especially with several people on board, to avoid the possibility of the windows misting. Slight changes with optional tyres.

Page R with the car on the move. This condition is shown by the lighting up of the led on the button itself.

And if suddenly a malfunction occurs where no one will come to the rescue, it may happen that you are not prepared for the current development of events. Emergency Starting In an emergency we recommend that you call the freephone number found in the Warranty Booklet. Handle with To open, pull downwards as shown below. Never tyres, moving them from As far as the brake system and fuel sup- use an inner tube with these tyres. If it does, wash it off immediately with water.

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The rearscreen wiper blade should be re- see the corresponding paragraph in the chap- placed together with the arm. Flow of air to the dashboard centre and side outlets and rear outlets. The mirror, fitted with a safety device To do this, it is necessary to release lever A-fig. The cigar lighter gets ex- To open the ashtray push and release the tremely hot.

Electronic Alarm It also makes it possible to cut off the volumetric protection. To locate the protection fuses, consulting the summary table on the following pages, refer to the following illustrations fig.

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