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Life Of Josutty Malayalam. The music is soulful and the songs make their way straight into your heart, as one original score after the other flares up and lights up the night sky. Amen's songs and background score are composed by Prashant Pillai. They are caught by Shoshana's parents and Solomon is mercilessly beaten up. Solomon Fahadh Faasil is in love with Shoshanna Swathi Reddy who is the daughter of a wealthy contractor.

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Amen (Malayalam)

The Theme of Amen is elevated above its situational value by an interesting shift in styles and prominent use of percussion taiko drums by Tao Issaro again, bubble safari full version I am guessing. Malayala Manorama in Malayalam.

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How could one possibly forget Thresia Kulappulli Leela who runs the tea shop, and her forever farting son, who weeps at the drop of a hat over a plate of hot beef! The Lord strikes again when not one, but two coconuts land on a foul mouth's head, suggesting that you are constantly under surveillance. It's enchantingly beautiful, the night when Estheppan and his friends return to their homeland after a victorious feat at the Edathua church. Louis Paapen Kalabhavan Mani hopes of reviving the Geeevarghese band some day, and ruefully remembers the strain on his friend Estheppan's Rajesh Hebbar clarinet that was cut off halfway through.

Music Aloud If music be the food for life, we serve mini meals! Solomon gets married to Shoshanna while Solomon's band master dies. It gets passed around until its flung right onto a dinner table, terrifying those who have gathered around it, all eager to dig into some sumptuous food.

Katrina Kaif snapped promoting her film Bharat. It's on her insistence that Solomon had given up his aspirations to become a priest. Arjun Kapoor snapped during media interactions for his film India's Most Wanted. Vincent Vattoli is taking charge.

When they find Sosanna imprisoned, they break down the doors of her room, and set her free. And we are told that it's just one of the many interesting tales that Kumaramkari has to tell. Critics praised the film for its technical aspects and music. The next day a call comes to the church informing that the new Priest Fr. Vincent Vattoli was actually the saint himself who appeared in front of them.

Later, Ousep attempts to coerce Vattoli to leave the place in peace, but on seeing his endeavor bearing no fruit, coldly moves ahead with the next ploy in his scheme. And this is the best so far. Paresh C Palicha of Rediff. George's band has to win in order for Solomon's marriage to occur. Indrajith was selected play the role of Father Vincent Vattolli, the pastor of a church in a village called Kumaramkari.

Amen ( film)

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The good part is that the joy stays, warm and pleasant, all through the film. Meen brings to fore the other Non-Malayali debutant, Alyssa Mendonsa.

Watch Malayalam Movie Amen Online

He does the act joyfully with a tinge of absurdity and he derives laughter that sometimes wobbles on sheer madness. At that night Shosana's father backs out of the bet.

List of Malayalam Songs from the movie Amen

Death appears all on a sudden, and four of them drown, dragging the musical legacy of Kumaramkari down with them. The people of Kumanamkari and the neighboring town then place a bet in which the St. The Kumarangiri folks now come to know that Fr.

Vincent Vattoli Indrajith creates a flutter, the moment he lands at Kumaramkari, as he leaves a few wondering if it's Saint Geevarghese himself who has landed ashore! Fahadh Faasil plays the other lead character named Solomon, who is in love with Shoshanna.

Amen is a Malayalam-language romantic comedy musical satire film written by P. Two big thumbs up and a must watch recommendation for Amen!

The plot revolves around the lives of a few people around an ancient Syrian church in a Kuttanadan village called Kumarankari. It was declared as a blockbuster. At this time, the marriage of Shoshanna gets fixed. Fresh looking, old ingredients!

Arrangement is once again of the minimal-yet-magical kind, the composer neatly bringing together accordion, finger snaps and ukulele. The lantern glow reveals a timid Solomon, in whose eyes Louis witnesses the sparkles of a prospective triumph. It has its flaws for sure, but just don't miss this gem.