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Pashto Song Da Malakand Pa Dango Grono By Anwar Khan

It is hard to find singers of such a caliber these days. Please enter your name here.

If you have the audio, can you put this up on the site. You have done a great job with the web-site. Warmest wishes on the Birth Anniversary of Talat Sahab today.

Talatji will always remain alive in the hearts of his fans and he will be loved and cherished for the wonderful melodies that he has sung. Carl Amari is an award-winning radio and film producer.

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Can you please write me any other site where I can hear his songs. His voice has something unique in it. Your list of songs was a real eyeopener for an avid fan of Talat Sahib like me.

Talat Sahab with his soft, silken and velvet voice creates a magic which can never fade with time. You have done a superb job in putting it together and, like many other devoted fans of Talat Mahmood, I deeply appreciate your hard work. Sujay and from all of his family. Do you have any idea what Talat thought of them? Khalid sahab, you have taken trouble to create this superb site on your legendary father.

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Pashto Song Da Malakand Pa Dango Grono By Anwar Khan

The people of Cochin found solace in hearing him for Talat Saab's voice. Singer like Talat Mahmood are born once in a million years and they are not replaceable.

Truly speaking when I listen to his songs especially in the night it generates a magical atmosphere all around and mind becomes calm and quiet. Most often, you will get depressing music which is capable of giving the best solution to remain you sad and increase your feelings. You proved to be a worthy son of your loving father. May be I missed a lot of songs that were uploaded on your website earlier.

Love your dad and still listen to his music all the time. Khalid, thank you for the site.

Bewafa - mp3 song Anwar Ali

Terence Stamp as the Voice of God. Want to give a small suggestion, to upload all songs of Talat ji on this site. Allah give soul rest in peace. Unfortunately now he is sick.

How great and humble he was. It was just by chance I reached this site, and have read everything and still wanting more. Music flows in only Talat's voice. Please keep up the good work.

Download Anwar Is Born Song from Petta (BGM)
Bewafa - mp3 song Anwar Ali

All I knew that he was a great singer, and I grew up listening and loving his songs. In addition to this, the saddest songs ever are always on the top and decide to get into full of emotions and feelings. Why dont you start a club fans of your father where we can share ideas, songs and thoughts of Talat Sahab? Because, slingo supreme full version Talat also held you in his arms as a baby! Williams-Paisley has also been establishing her creativity outside the performing arena beginning with accomplishments as a published writer for such publications as In Style and Redbook magazines.

Much that I thought of Talat Sahib through the day, there was no way I could have got an access to this site. Your father is one of my most favorite singers of all time! They met in June and were married in September. Salute to him from the core of my heart with deep respect. You will get any sort of tunes that quickly enables you to download and appreciate a considerable measure of sad time.

Download Anwar Is Born Song from Petta (BGM)

He and his mother moved to Atlanta, Georgia, when he was fourteen. The song kept going round in my head for days after and then as with everything else, faded out of my memory. That was Talat Mahmood's introduction to me.

Talat is my spritual Ustad. His velvety voice makes me cry at times but I am happy with it. But i found no bangla songs there. He is gone but his songs will remain to remember him for years to come.