The Apprentice candidate cries after being trolled for her love of Lord Sugar

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If I could go back in time and take it all back, I would. He ultimately decided that as project manager, the failure of the display fell on Poppy's shoulders. Octane chose to construct a lavender and pink illuminated display that resembled a classic vanity where prospective buyers could smell and sample the fragrance and watch a video featuring Kim. Pretend like you don't know me.

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After the task, both teams met with Trump in the boardroom. He's a brilliant man and you really have to prove yourself to him.

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Their displays had to impress and appeal to both guest judge Kim Kardashian herself and a store executive. If you're invited to an interview you'll be asked a lot more about your application and work history.

Their displays had to impress

Clint and Poppy both deemed their teams to be successful, but then Trump revealed Octane to be the winner. They were also commended for their display's elegance and sophistication. Anand admitted that he made a foolish mistake and regretted his decision after his elimination. Trump decided to question which member of Fortitude was responsible for picking out the glitzy details disliked by Kim in their display. Trump was a very intense and intimidating process.

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Trump also rejected Poppy's statement that she was the strongest member of Fortitude and disagreed with her attempt to place the blame for the display's weaknesses on her teammates. Need you to buy a pedicab from me or one of my teammates. All you need is a business idea, some talent and heaps of confidence. After Anand and Trump both agreed on the fact that Anand crossed the line, Trump declared Anand fired. The producers are looking for their next batch of aspiring entrepreneurs who fancy their chances at impressing Britain's toughest backer, Lord Alan Sugar.