Backdating porsche 911 sc coupe

Backdating porsche 911 sc coupe

The lower rockers and lower rear valances are constructed from a high temperature resistant urethane with a black textured finish. To help these poor people out, a few years ago there was a thriving cottage industry creating updates for Porsche s. Today, the in-thing is to take a newer and make it look like a previous one.

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This cage is padded and upholstered in leather to complement the interior. Either one bring his own Porsche for a conversion to Overath, or one order a complete package with a thoroughly overhauled base vehicle. The exhaust gases were more efficiently shown the exit door with Dansk's stainless-steel pre-muffler and final muffler.

For additional safety and security, a secondary locking cap is located underneath the external cap. The car was finished off as a raw outlaw version of its original self. As standard, the bumperettes mounted to the rear bumper are painted body color. More civilized than their predecessors but still part of an era when driving a at full chat took courage, these models can be very enjoyable and dependable for daily driving.

Steve has built the finest Porsche race engines for the highest levels of competition. If you enjoyed reading this, join our email list and get more stories like this one as they're published here. All taxes and fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the listed price. This bar is welded and integrated into the body shell.

Porsche gets vintage look from German tuner

The Criteria The venerable aircooled engine is highly tuneable. Both are excellent mechanics and have a wealth of information with respect to engine building. Being generally conservative in nature, I wanted the peace of mind of a brand-new engine with all of the best updates available.

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So, essentially, the drive train has only a couple thousand miles on it. The original dash is in excellent condition with no cracks or warping. Obviously, times have changed. Seam welding of key chassis areas. The form collects name and email only so that we can add you to our newsletter list for project updates.

External center fill gas cap with fuel safety cell. Shipping and handling If your vehicle is near you, just make arrangements with the seller to pick it up. Most notable flaw is some bubbling along the rivers side door edge If desired a fresh paint job in its original gold color would be the finishing touch.

We do welcome all local pre-purchase inspections on vehicles in order to verify condition. An ultra safe, racing-approved, fuel cell is available as an option. Seamless power distribution to the forward wheels is achieved through a viscous coupling, aiding corner exit grip in all road conditions. Hood and deck lid hinges in perforated aluminum. For me, the combination of power, handling and ease of use easily outweighs any compromise in styling.

The Vision guys are quite often working late on special projects but weekends are usually devoted to the track. Unfortunately, as good as these engines are, they do have their share of faults. The Carrera had previously been chipped with custom software developed by Steve Wong at Chips. To the best of our knowledge, the above information is accurate.

This car is incredibly easy and comfortable to drive long distances while still providing plenty of fun in the twisty bits. Note the restrictive routing of the stock heat exchangers via crossover pipe and into the catalytic convertor. The seats were installed recently as were the door panels.