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Fans speculated that the song had to be about Ellie's rumored rendezvous with Niall Horan, and since Ed's never outwardly denied it, we're going to continue to assume that's the case. Ellie and Caspar's engagement announcement was printed in the Times of London, which sounds pretty official if you ask us. She's over the moon and has never felt so happy.

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While it's unclear when exactly these two called off their relationship, what is clear is that she moved on to the most serious relationship of her life. The important thing is, this relaysh never really amounted to anything, since we never really heard anything else about this dude after their day at sea. In fact, they were so smitten that just two months after they began dating, there were reports that she bought a six-bedroom home in London, which she planned on sharing with him. The only thing we do know about their time together was that the yacht was reportedly owned by Justin Bieber, but that's neither here nor there.

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