The Ten Best Boondocks Episodes Of All-Time

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While Riley is very callous and mischievous, he generally draws the line at doing things that directly hurt people usually. He's the main character and Straight Man to his brother and granddad.

The Ten Best Boondocks Episodes Of All-Time - Black Nerd Problems

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It is fucking pandemonium but we see just how far these two go for victory. Of course this shit turns on its head when Rev. If he tried to use current events in an episode that takes months to make, it wouldn't be current anymore. Ruckus and how he treats other black people. Though, whether this sticks or not is debatable.

Downplayed in the show though. It's implied that his parents are deceased. After that it just went downhill.

The series isn't as restricted by censorship as the comic strip was, and thus gets away with a lot of violence, profanity, and sexual humor. In a few episodes, Huey can be seen near a tree on a hill, an iconic stock setting from the comic strip. Riley has a certain mindset of how the world should work, so any lessons that don't line up with it are immediately discarded.

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Huey comes back with the shotgun. In a one-sided way with Jazmine, who is much nicer to him. The exception is Leonard, who thinks he'd be fine working at Wendy's. Riley may have a eye for causing trouble, but even he is disturbed by Lamilton's flat out sociopathy.

Current events are much more suited to daily strips because they're daily. He seems genuinely happy to see Granddad return from his Costa Rica trip. Getting his Lethal Interjection chain necklace stolen by Butch Magnus. However, that is still a natural element to his character.

And the Riley Freeman interview. This episode puts a lot of shit on its hit list. The game is just no chill in the least bit, brass knucks, bats, headbutts all that shit is legal in this kickball game.

His half of the room is neat with a full bookshelf, a computer and posters of Che Guevara and Malcolm X. The cameos on The Boondocks were great. There's also Winston's parade of Walking Shirtless Scenes with well oiled bodies. Long Dou and the Chinese mad guap. In the same episode, Uncle Ruckus claims to have served on a mostly white jury in the s, where he convicted a blind black man of shooting white women.

Huey seems to be dismissive about Jazmine's racial identity confusion, insisting that she's black never mind that she also qualifies as white. According to Robert, Sturdy Harris was this, claiming he cared more about dying for the cause than for the cause itself. The opening changes both in its general presentation, and the clips it uses.

Crabmisers long-range weapon and sound effect comes straight from the film Master of the Flying Guillotine. Kelly fans are easily convinced that the trial was all about racism against the defendant. Huey is a fucking eliminator through and through sniping cats one by one, until it comes down to just him and Ming. Well he is a wannabe gangster after all. Ebony sees the effect she is having on Granddad and says that they should end the relationship, to which Granddad reluctantly agrees.

As the series progresses, Huey starts to become more and more hopeless to the point of eventually giving up on society and accepting that his outlook is not enough. He builds one with instructions from the Internet. Boss Willona knowingly sells poisonous and explosive hair products to desperate black women with nappy hair. He doesn't have many friends, but then that doesn't matter to him either.

It is fucking pandemonium but weIf he tried to