Bound datagridview not updating datasource

Bound datagridview not updating datasource

DevComponents Product Release Notes Version

ParentFieldNames property added which gets or sets comma separated field or property names that holds the value that is used to identify node and parent node. ColorScheme property added to specify color scheme for control. Fixed double firing of ComboBoxEx.

The Orientation property on the scroll event args lets you know the scroll direction. TabKeyNavigation property controls whether navigation is enabled. IntegerInput when locked would allow entry in free-text mode. Note that items that generate popups are not supported.

For example, if you have a database column containing numbers that represent item states, you can display these numbers as corresponding icons by binding an image column to the database column. Columns set to programmatic sort mode do not automatically display a sorting glyph. Fixed Highlighter control visibility issue with nested SuperTabControls. IsReadOnly to determine whether node is read only. AdvTree Auto-sizing support for ColumnHeader added.

This is necessary if you want flexibility in custom sorting. In virtual mode, you must provide your own sorting operations for unbound columns. TextDisplayFormat property added to specify cell Text formatting for display purpose. Fixed an issue where the AntiAlias property setting was not being honored correctly. AllowUsersToAddRows was set to false.

Office Application Button will now display Text instead of the image if text is set. Although you can programmatically sort a DataGridView by any column, some columns, such as button columns, might not contain values that can be meaningfully ordered. AdvTree automatic sorting support added when ColumnHeader. AdvTree Cell now can host BaseItem derived items for light-weight addition to functionality of a cell.

This is necessary if you wantFixed Highlighter control visibility

Fixed an issue where the YearView display might not always display that a given date has an associated appointment with it. This is accomplished via the addition of CalendarView.

AdvTree Autosizing support for ColumnHeader

Refresh method implemented for CustomCalendarItems. WarningBox control an non-intrusive Office alert control added. FindNodeByDataKey now uses object. AppointmentViewChanged event now fires when the Appointment.

This overload is useful when sorting by columns with values that can be meaningfully ordered, but which you do not want to configure for automatic sorting. Localizable attribute added for AdvTree ColumnHeader. Added Row collate support to the TimeLine view. To maintain these values, you must implement virtual mode by setting the VirtualMode property to true and handling the CellValueNeeded and CellValuePushed events. You can modify the SortMode property of specific columns to allow users to sort by other column types when it makes sense to do so.

In virtual mode you must provide
IsReadOnly to determine whether

SuperValidator does not respect HighlightColor set on each validator. You can sort a DataGridView programmatically by the values in any column or in multiple columns, regardless of the SortMode settings.

Columns set to programmatic sort

Closed a timing window where rapidly updating the gauge dampening and value settings from a user timer could result in gauge update failure. Added workaround for insufficient height returned by Graphics. Additionally, when the VirtualMode property is true, you can call this overload only for bound columns.

Accessing these ScrollBar controls directly allow you to have finer control over scrolling. MouseOverDataPointChanged event added which occurs when MouseOverDataPointIndex property changes due to user moving the mouse and pointing it to different data point on chart. Separator lines can also be shown between the collated rows via CalendarView.

CalendarItem MouseUp events will now be presented to the user even when the corresponding MouseDown event occurs on a a different CalendarItem. Tooltip does not take value specified in LocalizationKeys. The gridline color is controlled via the GridColor property. You can also apply different cell border styles for ordinary cells, row header cells, and column header cells.

For example if