The Shocking Reason Why Demi Moore Lost Her Teeth

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Knowing how tough Cersei is about dealing with people she perceives as enemies, it seems possible that even if Jaime did come back, Cersei may just have the Mountain waiting for him. We'd say that this was an incredibly chic The Sound of Music-inspired look, except we just used up our one allotted The Sound of Music joke.

The good news is that she'll look stunning as she does that, because this headpiece is absolutely glorious on her. It's almost impressively on brand.

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Imagine if Madonna had shown up in this - it has both the surprise factor and dangerous head spikes. Suddenly we're having a crisis of our own faith.

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Getty Images More If Katy Perry couldn't walk in her angel wings, we're not sure how Cara managed to negotiate the Met's notorious staircase given what's covering her face. Kim was well served by this look and her clothing isn't agitating to steal focus from her face. He helped Brienne on more than one occasion, even when they were technically enemies. Getty Images More The Met brought with it many headpieces that likely weighed an excruciating ton, so Advil was surely being passed around like candy. Zoe is the only one who used one as her dress.

If you're going all in on Fraulein Maria, don't skimp on the props. His honor means something to him. Getty Images More We hope these wings help Katy actually fly, because she could barely walk in this and looked one hot second away from toppling over into a pile of feathers. Throughout the last awards season, she gave off the vibe of having zero time for frills, so it was utterly astonishing to see her pop up at the Met Gala at all. Getty Images More Lena is admirably always very much herself on the red carpet, but this took that to a spectacular level.

Her gown is printed with images from the Sistine Chapel, which admittedly is very direct. But Jared dresses like Fancy Jesus Priest to pick up his dry cleaning. It's beautifully unconventional while still being elegant and unforgettable. We'd follow her into battle any day.

But here, Sarah Jessica is sporting what appears to be an entire church tabernacle on her head. As such, conventional wisdom since his fall has pegged Marchesa as wholly radioactive. But it's beautifully done, and we'll take beautifully direct over the alternative any day. Getty Images More Rita looks divine. Personally, we would have solved this problem with a guitar.

The Shocking Reason Why Demi Moore Lost Her Teeth

There were a lot of outfits screaming for attention, and yet Lena's spoke the loudest of them all. If this wasn't foretold in the actual Book of Revelations, it may need an addendum. This is business as usual for him. And there will likely always be something holding her back from truly going after Jaime.

Lana, on the other hand, manages both to look like the side of a religious candle and like the sartorial embodiment of what her music sounds like, all at the same time. That dress is gorgeous and colorful and capped with a headpiece that reportedly took three days to make.

Cersei, on the other hand, has lost just about everything. It's all very exciting, and yet we wish this look were better. Because it's true no one would expect that. Getty Images More Just when you thought the Met Gala was all about the ladies, Chadwick shows up and proves everyone wrong. Weirder still, the dress itself doesn't even evoke the theme, at least not overtly.

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Simply put, she looks amazing. Io, invece, dovevo essere viola x la vergogna. Getty Images More Several people at this event employed veils.