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He has sung many Sufi songs. Dreams mirror the journey of our lives, styler 0.6 I believe. Since then his popularity has seen a constant surge among the Punjabi diaspora with his shows being held in many countries across the world.

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This topic This board Entire forum Google. Started by Kudrat Kaur Lyrics. The best of the best have sold their souls chasing these two.

He concentrated on his sufiana musical career completing his M. Thats what a holy man said in my last night's dream. Satinder also completed a certificate course and Diploma in Persian language. Started by PunjabiMedia Funny Videos. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bake yourself well not to crumble in your testing times.

Those who the Lord loves are also mirrors of lives. Love was pure once, when one heart found the other but now in love everything is planned. Seek solitude, brace yourself for a new life, wrapped in a tough foil Sartaaj, your verse has breezed beyond the seven seas My heart values those who have valued this ordinary art. Lonely and forsaken, it called out to the shadow, to come along for my favor. Started by Grenade Singh Punjabi Stars.

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He says his second love is old building architecture. Bow to those who have shown the path to man. Jhehlum de Paase Live Show. Started by rabbdabanda News Khabran.

Now, it won't be too long before god showers blessed times on us. And a call, rises from the womb of seas and rides a fragrant breeze to sink into me So why do you, my divine maiden, stand at the terrace, counting the starts? Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.