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Our personal matchmaking team is with you every step of the way down this very spiritual and personal journey. We will conduct a one-on-one confidential consultation to get to know you on a personal level and reveal more about the faith based qualities you are looking for in that ideal companion. San Antonio became the largest Spanish settlement in Texas, staying that way through Spanish and then Mexican power. We look forward to helping you meet the Christian of your dreams.

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Other qualities I appreciate in Dean are his openness, his loving and giving nature, his spirituality, and his ability to laugh and enjoy life. So, if you're a Christian, single, and living in San Antonio, you've come to the right place to find others like you. You asked that I mention my experience with the matchmaking department. Religious singles choose us because they are tired of dating the wrong individuals who don't pursue the same religious mission in life. This ensures you maximize your potential in finding a successful, long term relationship you desire.

One of the greatest parts about Texan history is how proud San Antonians are of their shared history. Before the city had its modern name it was inhabited by the Payaya Indians. Dating someone from the same city as you has fantastic benefits.

One of the quaintest parts of a city is the River Walk, which is quiet and calm on Sunday mornings but bustling with people all other times of the week. Sometimes you even tell what day it is according to the specials at your favorite Mexican restaurants. What has been completely refreshing is Dean's willingness to try new things and his desire to travel.

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We are the experts in personal matchmaking in Texas with local offices in San Antonio to serve you. Take That Leap of Faith Let San Antonio Matchmakers help you meet and date like-minded Christian singles that share your interests, principles, beliefs and values.

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What I really appreciate about him is that he is ready for a new relationship and focused on that goal. Part of the reason San Antonio flourished was and is the cattle industry, which helped all of Texas pull out of the economic turmoil that followed the Civil War. These are real Christians looking for that like-minded individual with a strong faith and committed relationship.

Testimonials are the words of actual clients of this, or an affiliate, office. He makes me feel as if I'm a top priority in his life, which is great as he's certainly a top priority in mine. There are no fake profiles and people pretending to be whatever you're looking for. You probably already know that you live in one of the coolest places in Texas.

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This is the blessing you've been looking for. The mission that was built there by the Spanish settlers became the Alamo. Food is something else that is a major deal in Texas.