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Did you have a different perspective? It's mind-blowing when you travel to different countries. There was no studying involved really because I was already a Maiden freak.

Within a week, she was playing along to Metallica songs and practicing eight hours a day in her garage. From there I played the violin, flute and any instrument I could get my hands on.

Everything else was like this artsy hipster music. Yes, I sing backing vocals. Elaborate on why you feel this is important for students.

We truly are blessed for that. They are so drilled into my head that as long as I can sing it, I can play it. They also play a handful of U.

But at the shows you have the same passion for the music. So I got into people who played like that. The Vandenberg was pulled from the Peavey vault and was given to me as a gift.

When I found out the band needed an Adrian Smith, it was a no-brainer! Play music, be in a band, do whatever, because you love it. We usually stick to how Maiden divides the parts, but over the years, I know when I came into the band anyway, that some of the parts are reversed. There's a lot more ego to deal with. We were also the first all-female band to ever play there, apparently.

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When used correctly, those two pedals can make a killer tone barring you have the right distortion, which in my case, comes directly from my Valve King head from Peavey. We were also in Peru, Guatemala and Costa Rica last year. She enjoyed the gigs but wore her Slayer shirt at the sound check, yearning to rock harder. Um, this is also a hard question because I never really had any growing up. Do you have side projects outside of this band?

And if you want to talk about a different sound you go for outside of them. She loved Metallica but she also did a great job in my Devo show. But it does have its advantages. That must be quite an experience performing all over the world. Especially in Latin America, the fans are so passionate about the music and so enthusiastic.

We also change the set every time we play the same venue to keep things fresh. Heavy metal is the law and beer is great! Getting out of the way is definitely a big one! We all have different jobs in addition to playing music.

What type of bass sound do you strive for with the Maidens? What was your first guitar?

Courtney, do you have a favorite guitar pedal or other effect? Courtney, what is your musical background? If you have seen Iron Maiden live after being in your band, dating sites seattle wa what was that experience like?

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She saw her opening when the Maidens were in need of a new Adriana Smith. All the Maidens live in the Los Angeles area, where their shows have become a popular mainstay for hard rock and metal fans. The Maidens have met their male inspirers, who have given them their blessing.

After playing in an Iron Maiden tribute band, seeing Maiden live was definitely different for me. How many times have you seen Iron Maiden live? And, of course, there was Iron Maiden with Adrian Smith. Just ask The Iron Maidens who travel the world tributing their favorite band for die-hard crowds.

My first guitar was a black Cort electric guitar that I put red tribal stickers on. The hard-working musicians get to do what they love.

We are all in it together. Do you get a lot of fans approaching you after the shows? It would also be fun to imagine what it would be like playing in an orchestra with Beethoven conducting! How many guitars do you own? After playing in the style of Adrian Smith for the last few years, it is easy to improvise in his style.