Dating a copywriter

Dating a copywriter

Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn

Don has started to become responsible and reliable after their reconciliation, and he and Peggy continue to support and encourage each other. As the series progresses, they develop a work spouse type of relationship.

Don and Peggy sit close to each other on the hotel bed as the four of them watch Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. Don criticizes Ted for allowing Peggy to exceed the budget on an overly expensive but brilliant television ad.

Bobbie stays at Peggy's

Throughout Season Two, Father Gill, who is progressive, repeatedly tries to persuade Peggy to take confession, which Peggy consistently declines to do. Peggy asks him in a roundabout way why he never attempted to have an affair with her. Peggy reveals that she had his baby and gave it away two years ago. Don mistakenly assumes she is asking for a raise and is shocked when she tells him that she's actually quitting.

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Peggy eventually gets Duck to leave and then returns to Don's office, where she finds him drinking again. In the ambulance, Abe labels her an enemy to his beliefs, and they break up. Mark breaks up with her following a fiasco on Peggy's birthday in which Mark planned a surprise birthday dinner, inviting Peggy's family, and she canceled last minute due to work. They bond over the fact that they both believe that the perfect, nuclear families do not exist.

Peggy walks away from Pete. Peggy argues that he only gets angry when she refuses to pick a side or when she sides with Ted.

At one point, Ted kisses Peggy, and later, she reveals she has romantic feelings for him, as well. Bobbie stays at Peggy's apartment for a few days and constantly asks Peggy why she is helping Don so much. It is not clear if he's learned of her pregnancy. Mary's Hospital in Brooklyn. When Don is in the office waiting to see if he will be allowed to return, Peggy tells Don that his presence was not missed.

He is extremely perverted, has seen all the internet porn in the world, and although he still has yet to lose his virginity. She also accuses him of doing it on purpose since he knows she will fret over the campaign. Months later, Peggy and Pete have another sexual encounter on Pete's office couch, early one morning before other employees arrive.