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Single Meeting Start and Member a Become. More from albania Police have found the Kalashnikov - a gas-operated assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union - he allegedly used to kill his relatives. Database our in location your find to unable are We. Zykaj killed his relatives in the southern coastal area of Vlore because they accused him of being a thief, police said. Police and prosecutors were investigating a motive for the man's actions.

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Kacifa was born in Bularat but had most recently been living in Athens. Konstantinos Kacifa, a year-old dual Albanian-Greek citizen, first started shooting in the air in the village of Bularat, kilometers miles south of the capital, Tirana, police said in a statement.

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Police said he died in the exchange of fire. Albanian media reported that Kacifa was a member too. He is said to have appeared unrepentant and even told police they were late in arresting him. Local media reported that the killing spree was triggered by a family lunch, where one of the victims accused Zykaj of stealing their turkeys. Albanian State Police All of the victims are believed to be members of two Zykaj families living in the same village of Resulaj.

Members of Greece's extreme right political party Golden Dawn protested after Kacifa's death outside the Albanian Embassy, closing a major road in Athens. Kacifa hid on a nearby mountain and continued to fire at officers, authorities said. He killed his great-uncle, the great-uncle's wife and two sons, and other members of their extended family.