Top ten reasons to date a Croatian

Dating croatian guys

If not at the shore, then somewhere in the beautiful mountain regions of Croatia. Our schedules do not dictate our lives.

Things You Need to Know if You Want to Date a Croatian Girl

You can put a Croatian anywhere and they will have a good time. But the bottom line always seems to be that women are known to be complicated and boys are said to be simple. Exciting, full of energy, sometimes a struggle, but always a winning game. Some more, some less, but they all like it. Bear in mind that people with this much passion for a game are passionate in everything they do.

Every Croatian guyIf not at the shoreOur schedules doYes our names and

So the best thing to do is to go to a local beer pub and see for yourself. No language instructor fees apply.

Even powerhouse chefs

Some people go to camp, we go visit baka and dida in their seaside villages. Showing admiration is a plus, but do it moderately, or you might come off as a sleazebag. Even if we have a crush we can wait for months rather than making the first move, so make sure to take initiative or you might end up waiting forever. Croatians move through life with such unadulterated pure feeling that dating us can be sensory overload sometime.

Yes, our names and surnames seem impossible to pronounce. Every Croatian guy I know is a master at the grill. Even powerhouse chefs and authorities in the world of fabulous food such as Anthony Bourdain have been intoxicated with their love for Croatian cuisine. This, my friends, is the core of a Croatian.