The Dating Exit Interview Questionnaire

Dating exit interview

Know your lane get back into

He texted me asking for nudes. Know your lane, get back into it. And that was in his best picture. But that's what our friends are for. Or just really busy with work.

Or just really busy with work

Clearly, I blew this and I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what I did wrong. There might have been a stain on her silk gray blouse.

That maybe he's not over his ex. But then I didn't hear from him. He responded with one word. They may not be necessary. Very clearly overcompensating for something points under the desk.

Especially a few weeks into dating. Our debate over ObamaCare got so heated, the people at the table next to us asked to move to a quieter, less hostile location.

She knows a really good dry cleaner on the Upper East Side who gets stains out really quickly. No, not stood outside my house, broke into my house. She says she's from Florida like it's some place special.

And that was inBut that's what our

So my persistent personality kicked in and I texted him a few days later. Our hope is that, with your feedback, we can improve the overall dating population by fixing one thirsty dude or girl at a time. Some went so far as to call her a genius and were grateful that she brought a heightened level of bureaucratic awareness to the world of dating. If I brought this problem to the brunch table for my girlfriends to dissect, they'd assure me nothing is wrong.

He was kind of awkward and not as confident as he seemed before we met. Katie decided to concoct an exit interview for the people that she dated in order to come up. So that in the future I don't do it again, or I'm aware when I'm doing it or I work on censoring it. Or digging a spoon deep in some Cherry Garcia.

He texted me asking for nudes

That I'm a perfect princess and clearly, he wasn't ready to handle someone so awesome. We went out twice and after our second date, I dialed three people on my favorites list to tell them all about it. He kept trying to touch me in a non-friendly way, tried to drive me back to his place several miles away, and basically forced a good-night kiss on me. Not someone who has a work to-do list that resembles some people's Costco grocery list. He looked like Smeagol with a pituitary disorder.

Dates that go south ultimately leave you with a lot of questions, too. When I went in for a kiss, she turned her head and for two seconds, my tongue got real intimate with her cochlea. After this one, I wanted to know what I did wrong. Good hair, kind eyes, good facial features, and relatively healthy. Finally, you can get some closure instead of lying awake in bed at night wondering if you're going to die alone.