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The important thing is how you handle the situations when they come up, and there's some solid advice on this. No explanation given as to why you should do these things, and it doesn't make a lot of sense. Some of the other areas that are covered are flirting, humor and storytelling.

One thing to be aware of, that the book doesn't address, is not to completely change your behavior from what attracted her in the first place. It actually has no information at all about relationships and I have no idea why it was included. They give examples where people are talking in a long-winded fashion and using big words, instead of just talking in a everyday manner like how people will actually talk in real life. You're advised to keep your hand on your hip, or your hand on the wall or furniture. Pretty much all of the things that most men don't feel comfortable talking about, but that women wish they would.

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The book is written by two women, aimed at both men and women, so it's not really a blueprint that focuses on how to meet and attract women. So in the future when you think they are talking about things that seem pointless and irrelevant, you'll be able to look deeper and see what is really motivating them. There's just not a lot of practical examples given based on real-world experience, it's more theoretical in nature and again based off what others have written. Overall it's really about trying to understand your partner better and what their needs are, and giving them what they need without sacrificing what's most important to you.

There are times where you'll have to wade through advice that is only relevant for women, so it might get frustrating. Seems like it was written for a different purpose altogether and thrown in here as an afterthought.

It's probably slightly targeted more towards women, but is well worth a read for anyone who feels insecure in a relationship or exhibits needy behavior. Many of the examples are over ten years old and not taught anymore, as there is better advice out there. It's all about how to create a greater level of commitment in your relationship in a way that is healthy and mutually beneficial. They aren't really a great example of what you should do, and to be honest, is just lazy on the part of the authors not to be able to include a single original idea in the whole module.

The Bad It's written for both men and women, and sometimes seems like it's more directed at women. How you approach someone in a busy nightclub would be different to a coffee shop, which would be different to at a private party.

It takes a realistic approach and tells you that you're going to have disagreements and arguments along the way, which is normal. There's no mention of any of that here, and everything is basically treated as the same thing.

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The book is divided into three sections, with the first being on the principles of communication, the second on dating, and the third on relationships. Because the authors are women, ang dating daan special presentation they don't have the same experience initiating conversations that male dating coaches do.

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There's also no context given for what you say being relevant for different environments. Nothing too revolutionary here, and just basic stuff you'll have heard before. And that a lot of the tactics and mind games that people use to try and manipulate their partner into getting what they want are born out of fear.

It doesn't tell you how to respond to women in the cases where they are neutral or negative to you. They go on to explain how asking someone what they do is trying to pigeonhole them and equate their job with who they are as a person. The message here is that you're going to have to work on yourself and your own feelings and beliefs if you want a happy relationship. Bonuses The first bonus included with this product is called Double Your Commitment. So if you're sometimes talking to women and don't really understand the reasons why behind what they say, this will help to a certain extent with that.

It covers how the biggest frustration for many women is the lack of communication from their partner, and gives you advice on how to talk openly and honestly with your woman. It doesn't take into account most people will respond with a degree of skepticism as some of the examples are strange things to ask. And then they tell you that it's just as easy as that.

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If you're in a relationship, or considering being in one, this book will give you a better idea of how to communicate effectively with your partner, from a woman's point of view. Overall this module just focuses on communication in general and could be applied equally to work and social situations as much as talking to women you're interested in. Principles Of Communication The backbone of this module is how men and women communicate in different ways.

Doesn't really give you a system to follow, so some people will find it difficult to implement. Thankfully, most women in real life aren't psychopaths and they won't freak out if you simply ask them what their job is. You'll find some different exercises suggested, either things you can do on your own or with your partner. Literally everything has been copied from other people.

One of the downsides of this is it makes the book really long, much longer than it really needs to be. This book isn't written solely for men, so at times it gives pretty generic advice as it attempts to appeal to both men and women. It's likely that the two female authors have more personal experience in this particular area and therefore are more qualified to write about it.

You'll want to mix it up with being able to have deeper and more real conversations, but you still need to keep that spark alive. This is true after a certain point, but in the beginning you need to be prepared to carry the burden of the conversation if necessary.

There's some info also on body language, and I found it a bit confusing when it came to the practical examples. The relationship module here focuses almost exclusively on building trust, deepening the connection and all things serious, that it neglects that you also need to keep things fun and exciting. After all, you're the one who initiated the conversation, they didn't ask you to come over and talk to them. There's also a brief explanation of the stages that happen along the way from first spotting someone through to having sex.

There's also advice on how to talk about your feelings, the future and the two of you as a couple. Pretty solid and mature advice in this bonus book and worth checking out if you want to feel more secure and committed in your relationship. Communication And Relationships The module on relationships is the strongest part of the book. Even the examples they give for women are really weak, and just constitutes bad advice.

In many cases credit is given where they are using other people's work, in some cases though ideas and examples have just been taken from other sources. Most of the examples of what to do and say have been taken from the pickup community, but without the authors likely having an understanding of the correct way to use them. It's based around the idea that men and women have different ways of communicating, and that you'll have more success by understanding where the other sex is coming from. Whereas in the first module most of the ideas were taken from other sources to explain basic principles, they've done the same thing here but run into some problems.

Has some solid advice about how communication differs in relationships compared to dating. The Bottom Line The product is centered around conversation, but it covers communication in a more general sense. The positive side is you'll get to see some example conversations between men and women, with details on what each is trying to achieve via the conversation.

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The premise is quite simple, that to have a healthy and loving relationship it can't be based in fear. For guys who don't have much experience talking to women, it'll be useful to see this and wrap your head around why women communicate the way they do. The focus is more on creating trust and security and working to grow together as a couple.