Dating website that matches your face

Dating website that matches your face

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Or at least that's the theory behind FindYourFaceMate.

Often we were interacting with people blindly or not interacting at all. NameTag on Google Glass can change all that. But when it has amassed enough users, it will use Face.

Trees also said researchers haveIt remains toFinding a partner who looks

We will even allow users to have one profile that is seen during business hours and another that is only seen in social situations. In romantic relationships, Johnson said, research has shown that pairs tend to be of similar attractiveness. The coloring throws people off. While it may be true that many couples resemble each other, it's not necessarily the case that they were initially attracted to their doppelgangers.

It remains to be seen whether Google will change its mind on facial recognition apps for Glass before NameTag hits the market. Trees also said researchers have found that people are drawn to those that look like them because the faces look familiar. Finding a partner who looks just like you.