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Display panel Displays the operation status and mes- sages. Preparations for Use as a To use the machine as a network scanner, you must make settings required for use as a scanner as well as basic settings for use in a network. Please specify sender's name.

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Nor- mally, use this orientation for placing originals. The upper advantage is that it catalogues everything inside cabinets and can manipulate an unlimited number of items, benefitting users who want to make arrangements for large amounts of data.

Scan file is stored in the Document Server at the same time the file is sent by e-mail. The E-mail screen appears. Selected file is currently in use. Specified destination s or sender's name has been cleared. The soft keyboard is displayed for entering a user name.

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Note r Enter the first character or characters of the sender name. Note r Enter the e-mail address of the destination when send- ing via the delivery server. Sender's name is not selected.

All in all, DeskTopBinder Lite seems like a reliable asset, especially that it can be used for multiple purposes. This chapter explains the preparation for sending file by e-mail system, various display screens, procedures for sending, dvd burner windows 7 and how to check the sending result when this function is used.

Reference For information about how to enter characters, see Gener- al Settings Guide. Note r This section explains how to select files to be sent or delivered. For information about the software that can be installed by Auto Run, see p. Reference For information about Destination List Priority, see p. It is fit for use both inside homes and offices, coming across as a steady viewer and organizer for local documents and images.

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This chapter explains the preparation sequence, various display screens, delivery procedures, and how to check the delivery result when this function is used. It comes wrapped inside an intuitive interface that despite lacking eye candying elements, remains user-friendly throughout your whole experience with it. The soft keyboard is displayed for entering a password. Note r This section explains mainly the operation for simultaneous storage and sending of e-mail. Scan To Folder Network Scanner Client computer An e-mail with scan file attached is re- ceived from the e-mail server using e- mail software.

Ricoh e General Settings Manual pages. The Scanner Function screen ap- pears. The scan settings consist of the fol- lowing. The soft keyboard is displayed for changing the file name. Page Message Selected file is currently in use.

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Destination field The selected destination is shown here. All the resources can be organized in cabinets, as mentioned before, while quick access to any of the files is provided by the sidebar on the left side in the main window. Sending Scan File by E-mail Scan file can be sent from this machine to a specified destination using e-mail system. For particular functions, see the relevant parts of the manual.

Note r Enter the first character or characters of the destination name. The Network Delivery Scanner screen appears. The soft keyboard is displayed for entering the path for the folder. Scan file from the originals scanned by the machine is stored in the delivery server and delivered to the folders of client computers on the same network. Network delivery scanner icon Shows that the screen for network deliv- ery scanner function is displayed.

Troubleshooting Appendix Troubleshooting This section contains advice on what to do if you have problems scanning an original, or if the network delivery scanner or e-mail function does not work. Scanning has been can- celled.

Ricoh DeskTopBinder Document Management

Please keep this manual in a handy place near the machine. Enter the first character or characters of the item. For the list about settings and defaults, see p.

The client computers list on the same network appears. Note r When a protection code has been set, a screen for entering the protection code appears after selecting the sender.

Using the Network Delivery Scan file can be sent to a specified destination using the network delivery scan- ner function. If necessary, you can select a sender and a subject. Reference First, see General Settings Guide for details about how to make basic settings, and then make scanner settings.

The scanned data will be deleted. Repeat this step until all originals are scanned.

The data will be resent later. To get maximum versatility from this machine all operators are requested to read this manual carefully and follow the instructions. Document Server Client computer Scan file that is sent from the machine is received in the shared folders of Win- dows. Check the scanning resolution, then press Start again.


Updating the destination list has failed. The soft keyboard is displayed for entering a sender name. This software allows you to use various func- tions for scan files stored in the Document Server, e. Updating the destination list. Check if the scanner main power is on.

Appendix Relationship between Resolution and File Size Resolution and scan area are inversely related. Conversely, the larger the scan area, the lower the resolution that can be set.

In addition, the file delivered to in-trays can be retrieved or the arrival of file can be received at the client computer with this software. Page Message Exceeded max.