Property Brother Drew Scott Proposed With A Seriously Epic Cake

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The problem is that he is so laid back and like chill about everything that I can't tell when he's just being him or if he doesn't like me. When I looked up he was walking by and said hi.

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He rides his bike around the university campus and always stops when he sees me. At the start of this semester we ended up getting a job at the same place. As fans asked when they would get married, he didn't say a word. Often, he'd borrow Jonathan's phone-or members of his production team's-to make calls to the bakery, just so she wouldn't accidentally see a call from the shop.

One night we went on a hike the other we went down to the lake dock and laid down and counted shooting stars. The whole thing was covered in fondant and edible ink, so the bakery could make the towering dessert match every last detail of the book, from the Seussian font to the shading on the balloons. Follow Delish on Instagram.

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Property Brother Drew Scott Proposed With A Seriously Epic Cake

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The other day I was sitting at the top of the bleachers waiting for my class to start and started thinking about him. This probably sounds pathetic but there is a guy that I met about a year ago, I thought he was cute and quickly developed a crush. So anyways, one of the guys on staff and I started hanging out a lot. We'll let him make that announcement in his own time. So I met a guy at a party and the next day he started texting me on Facebook.

His bride-to-be was stunned. This summer I worked at a boy scout camp. On the big night, he took Phan to a restaurant, which played his recording of the song as they brought out the cake. But when we hang out in person we never run out of anything to say and we can talk for hours. For the record, Jonathan's also off the market.

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