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The Chechen mafia is one of the largest ethnic organized crime groups operating in the former Soviet Union next to established Russian mafia groups. According to law enforcement sources, those structures described above would fall into the old style of Soviet criminal enterprises.

This group works with the elite group and is equal in power with the Security group. Not gamble without being able to cover losses. According to intelligence reports, members of criminal groups in Russia are sent to reinforce and consolidate links between groups in Russia and the United States.

Department of Treasury in April as a multi-agency, multi-source financial intelligence and analytical network. The group is involved in burglars, thieves, prostitution, extortion, street gangs and other crimes. Secrecy surrounds their activities and the language barrier creates additional problems for law enforcement authorities. But out of almost of them across Russia, only three were rounded up last year. This did not stop other people from denying him growing power.

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This has resulted in very liftle information concerning the hierarchy, the scope of their operations, and the number of members. Not lose your reasoning ability when using alcohol.

The Uralmash gang of Yekaterinburg. We suddenly switched from having an economy where the government had its hand in everything to being ten times more capitalist than you guys ever were. Each tattoo had a particular meaning. This group is believed to be responsible for extorting a number of victims in the Armenian community.

There is ample information that Russian crime groups operating on the East Coast cooperate and communicate with West Coast groups. But no-one seemed to get offended, probably owing to the fact he was so clearly not white and a foreigner. Search results can the sorted on the basis of relevance, view count, title, rating and publish date. If the spider is facing downwards, it means that he is leaving the life of crime.

He runs a crew which is called a Brigade Bratva. When the Soviet Union broke up and Georgia gained its independence a war broke out with ethnic Abkhaz and Ossetian rebels to the north.

Have, if possible, informants from the rank and file of thieves. His job is to watch over the working unit collecting the money while supervising their criminal activities. Many people have tried to decode the tattoos, but no one has gotten all of the meanings behind the tattoos ebcause there are so many variations, often kept private. The elite of the Russian organized crime.