The Geek's Guide to Dating

Girls guide to dating a geek book

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Bree is demanding and insists on ridiculous things that drive Mia crazy In the midst of this, Mia finds a body in the lake in the community where she lives. If you enjoy the genre, you will love this book. If I mention I read comics, the assumption is usually that it's either Wonder Woman or manga love stories. It was soon discovered, however, that this book is a hilariously comprehensive look at what it means to be a geek, and why that's a good thing. Beginning with a Geek Test, this guide helps an inquisitive woman determine if she is dating a geek.

The Geek's Guide to Dating by Eric Smith

If it was humor related, Darcy did. However, it's so good that you really owe it to yourself to read them all. The author k Julie Anne Lindsay rights a solid mystery with lost of humor to off set the darker side of the story.

Fundamentally, the book's title is where my problems with it start. As Mia juggles her responsibilities and searches for a killer, she struggles to make sense of her relationship with Jake.

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More than anything, a writer loves to be read. That being said, I have noticed that the book is available at my local library, so I'll give it a grab after the holidays. This is my tribute to her.

Each character has a purpose and a reason to be in the story. She loved it too much, thought it too good to let me simply abandon it. She helped me become a better writer, and more importantly, a better person.

Paperback Verified Purchase I bought this book as a gift for my girlfriend with the prior knowledge that I would fit into several of the pigeon holes this book defined as geek. Darcy loved our free promotional runs, was always amazed that by offering our book for free, we ended up making money.

As a hybrid Jock Geek and Know it all Geek, I feel comfortable in recommending this book for anyone who wants to really know the truth about geekdom. While it is part of a series, it is a stand alone novel. Again, the idea of a female geek is being ignored. If it was a plot issue, I usually won. Moreover, even if the book focused on the guy's point of view, the book description makes clear that this is about dating a non-geek.

With flow charts, organizational charts, molecule diagrams, and even circuit diagrams - that I appreciated immensely - it's quintessential geek. She knew what you needed whether it was a pair of glitter jeans, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or the missing plot point in your story. Darcy often told me I was the writer she wished she could be. Yet, I feel persnickety to ask why couldn't the book be written from that view.

When I nearly fell out of my chair laughing at a line she had added, I knew we were going to sell this novel, and we were going to sell it because of her. Sweet, fun cozy mystery that will not leave readers lost or wondering what will happen next. It's geekiness for the laywoman.

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