How to get a new Gas Connection in

How to get lpg connection in bangalore dating

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There are also some documents required to prove your address and identity. Its not only the extra money involved but the added difficulty of not having a reliable source of an essential need for the require for their daily cooking. When your booking number comes, the agency inform the customer about the same.

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How to get Gas Connection in Bangalore

After creating your user id, an activation email will be sent to your email account. To find the appropriate one, simply check the local phone directory.

Collect an application form for new gas connection from the gas agency office. How to get a new Gas Connection in India. After the registration, the agency will issue you receipt on your name with date of registration and Registration Number. This is an additional step taken towards the vision of Digital India and will definitely make the process of registrations hassle free for the consumers. Information provided is for general knowledge only and should not be deemed to be professional advice.

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This is not a compulsory requirement. This application form will be available at the dealers in your area. The form is quite simple to fill. New connections can be ordered by filling the form here.

Refundable Deposit for One Regulator Rs. To get a new gas connection in India for cooking gas is one of the concerns for many people in India.

As a next step of the process, you need to find out your nearest Distributer. Rules and regulations do change from time to time.