The Humming Tree, Bengaluru

Humming tree in bangalore dating

Come on down and experience their

Come on down and experience their unique sound arrangement and the only band with four powerful lead vocalists with completely different styles. With a lot of hilarious punch lines and scenes, this play gives us a glimpse into the lives of stand-up comedians who are about to perform at an open mic and their preparation for it. The sold out audience was left breathless at times with a number of hilarious exchanges between the characters. Slow Cheeta's energetic hip hop performance had the crowd jumping and waving all around. Watch your favourite artists, live - at festivals, club shows, gigs or concerts.

The Humming Tree, Bangalore

With a lot ofThe sold out audience was left

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The play is about five comics and their journey preparing for an open mic. An exclusive article written by The Hindu talks about how comedy relieves the urban lives. Discover your city with Insider. Insider has the best curated music events for you, across genres. Catch them doing tours of their specials, trying new material, hosting an open mic, and more.

Slow Cheeta's first ever live gig was an energetic hip hop performance which had the crowd jumping and waving all around. Unlock rewards or cashbacks the next time you are going to an event with your friends. These events are for novices as well as experienced folks.