List of South African slang words

Intimidating personality meaning of abigail

As an anglicism it is derived from its English counterpart which means to temporarily stop an audio or video, or a musical break. Refers to the British soldiers of the Anglo-Boer Wars that wore red coats. If you live your life on your own terms like the wolves and do not let others interfere, then you are one of them.

See this ticklish model scrunch and spread her beautiful toes. Currently, as the film is a live action animation hybrid, it is unknown if Eggman will be a live action or animated character.

Refers to an event that happened within a few minutes ago. To strongly convince someone to agree with you. Jamie here is first seen with her white socks on before taking them off to show us her bare wide feet and unpainted toes. Mary loves to go barefoot and does not have ticklish feet however has beautiful big wider size feet. Somewhat ticklish feet we find here.

Ronda has one gold toe ring on each of her feet and quite the personality. This is one terrific sexy blond businesswoman. Robotnik had many musical pieces associated with him. Samantha is just a delight.

Very wide ebony feet here. While the original English meaning stays intact, it can also refer to a big mess. If you are highly courageous and stay unique no matter how much others try to change you, then you are truly a wolf. We don't hang wit daardie fok. French fries refers to thinly cut chips.

Not as much for ticklish feet here but definitely plump warm shapely meaty and very stinky. Stuur Groete aan Mannetjies Roux - lit.

Very wide ebony