Strange things about Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr's marriage

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It was a new baby brother. Soon, it became crystal clear that their infamous drunken night was potentially more than just a one-time thing. That was never my intention.

But as the months went

Just like their kissing scandal, this was a group effort.

But the country singer either didn't care or was playing into the media swirl. Which for the record, he did. In fairness, Kerr was admittedly drunk and might not have even noticed the ring.

Although, remaking a video Aldean made with her probably wasn't the best move. It was not a good luck for the country singer especially considering his questionable relationship with the Confederate flag.

It was only a matter of time until his new wife popped up in a music video even if it might not be the most sensitive move. With the incident caught on camera, Kerr and Aldean both worked quickly to downplay the incident as a drunken, one-time mistake. But that clearly wasn't a concern for the couple as they made a big announcement just a few months later.

Making the most of a messy situation Getty Images Aldean and Kerr's relationship clearly didn't have the greatest start. However, the Washington Post couldn't help but notice that the news was conveniently timed with the release of his album Old Boots, New Dirt.

Granted the situation

But don't worry, Aldean would still find ways to cause trouble. However, Aldean's probably not the best person to insult a rapper's choice in baby names after the whole blackface controversy. Except there was one small problem. Media tends to make a big deal out of things. Both of us have names that are pretty common, Jason and Brittany, so, something that's kind of unique is kind of our main goal.

Aldean told Billboard that Kerr is the one who painted his face, and it's rarely mentioned that she's wearing cornrows while standing right next to him in the controversial photo. Needless to say, Ussery was not a fan of the relationship. So it's no surprise that Kerr took Instagram for the biggest share of them all.

On top of Kerr's active Instagram posting, the couple couldn't look happier together. Granted, the situation might not be ideal, it's clear that Aldean and Kerr have made it a point to keep his daughters in their life, which hopefully points to them finding peace with Ussery. But as the months went by, it became obvious that there was more to the future couple than just a few too many drinks at the bar. We are happy and life goes on.

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But despite the tabloid headlines and speculation about what really happened, no one knows the whole story about what went on behind the scenes except for them and Aldean's family. Granted, appearances can be deceiving, but Aldean and Kerr sure came a long way from his standoffish days with press. But Aldean wasn't having it this time and fired back with an Instagram post of his own. The account is loaded with photos of her with Aldean along with vacation pics with his daughters from his previous marriage.

On top ofWe are happy and life goes