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These patients possess the ability to perform all of the previously mentioned tasks with the addition of being able to apply high impact, pressure, and stress on the prosthetic limb. While I would like to get a foot - ankle system that would support running, I do not need it yet. Hard work can lead to a higher level of mobility and could ultimately lead to insurance coverage for nicer prosthetic components. This type of patient is able to move to another location on their own with the assistance of a prosthetic limb.

Prosthetic K-Level Diagnosis

The amputee has the ability or potential to use a prosthesis for transfers or ambulation in level surfaces at a walking pace. The amputee exceeds basic mobility and applies high impact and stress to the prosthetic leg. This scale allows these companies to have a universal way of deciding what types of prosthetics and components will be approved for each patient. This patient is able to move to another location with the use of a prosthesis, as well as adjust to small variations in the walking surface steps, curbs, etc. Be sure to stay in contact with your prosthetic specialist if obtaining a higher k-level is your goal.

There are several options out there. While all of that can be irritating, understand that it is my motivation to return to a more active lifestyle that fuels that frustration. Orthotics You have a choice! You also want to make sure you educate your patients. The rating is left up to the clinician doing the assessment, and unfortunately, many consider it over-simplified and too subjective.

The foot itself could handle the stress but the ankle has hydraulics in it that could be damaged. And if they need a lower limb prosthetic, the best way to do that is by communicating their K level. Medical advances are very costly and honestly, I don't have the finances to pay for what I want. At this level, patients are able to move to other locations while adjusting to most variations in the walking surface while varying their walking speed. This will help increase the odds this information will be used to justify medical necessity.

This category is also used as a base level for all of the other levels to compare to. How are K-Levels Determined? LinkedIn What are K-Levels?

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Typical of the limited and unlimited household ambulator. Many people feel that talking with friends and family or a counselor can help ease emotional distress.

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Also, k-levels are not always permanent. The amputee has the ability to walk at varying speeds. The main reason that this type of scale is used in the classification of amputees is for insurance purposes. In simple words, The higher the K Level, dating a woman that has been raped the more activity the amputee can tolerate.

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