Lane chest dating

Lane chest dating

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Whether single or happily married, you can use these chests for decorative or storage purposes for your treasured belongings. However, a great back up plan is to apply wax to the wooden surfaces from time to time. With a grit sandpaper and sand wool, carefully smooth the surface. They filled the large, empty containers with household items like blankets, sewing kits, and other items essential for married life. It all began when John Lane purchased a Virginia manufacturing plant.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture by Lane - Cause A Frockus ยป Cause A Frockus

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You may need to finish it off with a paste wax. Caring for your metal furniture components Use a cleaning polish liquid form is preferred. Sulfur inlay, a rare technique, engraves images on chests from German immigrants in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Often times switching between wax or oil-based polishes can cause cloudiness or streaking. You should be able to easily glide your fingers across the wood. You can explore the vast inventory of antique cedar chests on eBay and find one from your favorite company, like antique Lane cedar chests that add a touch of beauty to any home. Large chests, like antique cedar blanket chests, leave plenty of room for packing blankets and winter clothing.

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This polish will clean the metal, lend a nice sheen, and protect the metal from future scratches. This is very helpful as you can determine the production date by reading the serial number backwards. Beginning in the fifteenth century, adolescent girls received these large storage chests from mothers and grandmothers. If there is a small divet, you can use a rub-in stick to fill the area.

Spray onto a soft cotton cloth and then use a flat wiping motion over the wooden surface. Once you find a wax polish you like, stick with it. Removing watermarks Regular waxing will help prevent future damage, but it only does so for a short time.