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During his teaching career, he placed a high priority on education and student motivation. He was a pioneer in the theory of nuclear fission, along with Niels Bohr and Enrico Fermi. Five chapters introduce basic theory. However, there have been few if any books on general relativity that have managed to be both scholarly and truly introductory.

He went on to work on the development of the American hydrogen bomb under Project Matterhorn B.

But the prose of this text is rich, sometimes whimsical, and always aimed directly at helping the reader develop an intuition for the physics that lives beneath the mathematical surface. It is likewise suited to serve as a introductory text for graduate students that are studying astrophysics and astronomy. The authors use calculus and algebra to make general relativity accessible, and use quotes from well-known personalities, including Einstein, to offer further insight. In he introduced the S-matrix, which became an indispensable tool in particle physics.

His interests include astrophysics computational

The black and white text is replete with sample problems, well-drawn and amply captioned figures, and a good collection of end-of-chapter exercises. However this book takes the subject and turns it into a joyous romp through curved spacetime. Fourteen students enrolled for the course, and twelve completed it six seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores. This book is the perfect introduction to the subject. In he received the Physics Department's Buechner Teaching Prize for his undergraduate and graduate classes in relativity.

The book also includes seven projects regarding the analysis of major applications. The book is well suited for advanced undergraduates who have had several hours of physics and mathematics.

The book also includes

Discussions provide the background needed to carry out projects. His interests include astrophysics, computational fluid dynamics, and thehistory of science.

If you have a basic understanding of calculus and have studied the special theory of relativity in some detail then this book is well suited to your needs. This is a great book and a lot of fun. For astronomers, mathematicians and people interested in learning about the relativity of black holes. With Exploring Black Holes, Taylor and Wheeler have presented the community of physics learners and teachers with another gem.

Discussions provide the background needed to

American Journal of Physics, Vol. Professor Bertschinger is passionate about education. Because the chapters are identified by numbers and the projects are identified by capital letters, it is not always clear which way to turn when searching for a particular passage. Wheeler made important contributions to theoretical physics.

In the latter case the text serves well as an overview of what general relativity is, many of its findings, its predictions, and its relevance to observational astronomy. Spacetime Physics is a jewel of an unconventional book on special relativity.