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Baptists of this time were embracing the Pill, reversing their teachings against abortion, and accepting sterilization as a moral act. He goes on to eviscerate sterilization as well.

The physical act of Baptism, so we are told, does nothing. You are not looking for a dad-duplicate or a dad-replacement in a man. On a more serious note, these are eight principles that would have taken much confusion and heartbreak out of those tumultuous dating years.

His search led him to the Catholic Church. Consider what controls you. The specialists of human sexuality are the evangelists, technicians, and salesmen of birth control, who subsist upon our failure to see any purpose or virtue in sexual discipline. Let Scripture reveal to you who God is as Dad and what kind of care he gives his daughters. But by studying agriculture and the demise of the agrarian homestead, he connected the problems to the demise of the family and the radical separation between sexual intercourse and fertility.

Even if you have a godly and protective father, he is not God. The important thing is the spiritual act of believing.

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True beauty emanates from a woman who boldly and unabashedly knows who she is in Christ. We settle for lesser gods than the one who died for us and love us unconditionally. Out loud, often, with conviction.

True beauty emanates from a

Formulating a list of what I would tell myself back then, my advice began with a stern warning to stay away from any man with a mullet. Pay attention to what is controlling your heart as you wait for a date, are in a dating relationship, or even into marriage. These are such simple words to say, but they have the most deep and resounding impact on our souls if we would just believe. Address your daddy issues. Prayerfully consider what, when, how much to give away.

We must repent of our pride, our shame, our obsession with our looks. Be able to walk away from a dating relationship with your whole heart intact so that your future husband is not robbed of part of it down the road.

The important thing is the