Michael lo sordo online dating

Michael lo sordo online dating

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The clothing for me is also about movement. Silk is really a core of our collection. The cuts are different, the silhouettes are different, the proportions are different.

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It was nice to be thrown into that because I feel like I learn from making mistakes. My customers are the women that are around me, that have grown up around me. If Michael Lo Sordo had to pick a favorite look from his Resort collection, he might choose his rich red suits. We use a lot of natural fibers, like silk, cotton, Australian merino wool, silk-velvets.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Two-dimension is different than three-dimension. It was easy for me to understand that language between women and fashion. It allowed me to express myself.

That, for me, is exciting to see as well. We understood the retail side of things, the merchandising side of things. The campus was part culinary, part arts, and there was a fashion section.

We have a beautiful factory in Shanghai that essentially makes everything. We opened up a store called the Graduate Store. When I was doing that, I was also working for Giorgio Armani in visual merchandising, so I opened up all of the concept stores for him in Australia.

We opened up a store called