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Pros and Cons Vintage Movado Watches For Sale Movado is one of the most fascinating and undervalued of all the major vintage wristwatch brands.

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One of the reasons Movado is so low key today is that its current management seems to be very lacking in dynamism when it comes to promoting its products. Movado offers some of the very best value to be found in the vintage wristwatch world at the time of writing. The thematic Omegamania sale held by Antiquorum in April did wonders to bring vintage Omega watches to the attention of many collectors who had previously probably never looked beyond Rolex.

First Movado automatic An important model that was the first self-winding watch offered by Movado. In the meantime, those of us that do understand these matters can enjoy purchasing some of the finest vintage watches ever made at a very accessible price level.

Vintage Movado Watches For Sale

Introduced in with a flourish of publicity, the Movado Ermeto was a small clock that was carried on the person, with an ingenious case that when opened, served to automatically wind the movement. If it does, vince vaughn wedding crashers dating the realisation on the part of a much broader spectrum of buyers that Movado built some really fabulous watches will push prices up very sharply.

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Movado promoted the Ermeto as a new genre of portable timepiece that would usurp the wristwatch. Movado is a true vintage watch brand in the traditional sense, rather than falling into the modern classics category.

Fortunately, the missing items were discovered in northern Italy and later return to him by the police. Almost uniquely, Movado advertised the Ermeto as being a unisex watch, showing male golfers and sportsmen alongside elegant ladies dressed in the art deco fashions of the day.

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Movado was always a maker of its own in-house movements. Movado today is a golden business opportunity just waiting to happen when the right leadership comes along. Very much to its credit, Movado was a genuine movement maker in the strictest sense.

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