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Uma lands in San Francisco, and immediately strikes an awkward relationship with Arun. He is on the verge of being fired by his firm in Los Angeles and is ruining himself.

Congrats to the whole team of Ninnu Kori. She confides in Uma, who believes she now hates Arun and wishes to be with him instead. Uma, realising his advantage, indirectly begins to coax Chandramouli and Lovababu into finding the truth themselves.

Facebook Twitter Pintrest. He forces Chandramouli and stages a play where he himself looks like a negative person to Pallavi, and coaxes her into realizing Arun's honesty. When Kavita is interrogated, she covers up with a fake story saying that the lover is married and Pallavi herself tells her father that she is happy. Sona Mohapatra reveals how death threats have affected her family.

Oru Onnonnara Pranayakadha. Karan Johar opens up about his upcoming period drama. The Girl in the Spider's Web. Theatrical release poster.

Starring Nani, Nivetha Thomas in lead Roles. There's a reason why we are all so excited for NinnuKori! Doubting that Pallavi is unhappy with her marriage, he came to San Francisco to find her former lover so that he could get them married if she wanted.

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NinnuKori is NameisNani's best performance till date. However, when Chandramouli tells Uma that he wishes to get Pallavi married to Uma a few days later, he tells Chandramouli about his encounter with Arun. He repetitively irks the couple and mocks their relationship, which annoys Pallavi.

Uma objects saying she still loves him and is leading an unhappy life. Pallavi happens to spot him dancing at a friend's wedding and requests him to teach her. Lyrics are written by Srijo. She contacts Uma, who tells her that if he fails to see love between her and Arun, she would have to go away with him.

Pallavi allows him tearfully, and he leaves for Delhi. Murthy who informs her that Uma has gone into depression and is now an alcoholic. As they embrace at their reunion, Uma is heartbroken and walks out of the house, crying and shattered.

Ninnu kori was super fun and so enjoyable. NameisNani NinnuKori is superb. Ninnu Kori Movie Review Highlights. The song is sung by Sid Sriram. Never expected NameisNani would do this kind of role.

Where there is NameisNani there is certainly entertainment. Pallavi, initially hesitant, vishnu vijay movie songs agrees. There Pallavi discovers that Arun is having an affair after seeing him hug another girl secretively in the parking lot. NameisNani made sure that entertainment is there despite emotional subject!

He helps her, not only with her dancing, but also with other issues, including driving away a bully who torments her. However, Arun's colleagues take a liking to Uma, whose pessimistic nature offends a few other people. When Pallavi contacts Uma, she realizes that she is not ready to take the guilt if he blames her later on for the failure in his career, and unwillingly gets married to Arun. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He begins to avoid her and soon finds out she is now a drug addict, and has attempted suicide.

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Pallavi tactfully clears the penthouse her family owns so that Uma can stay in the same house as her. An year later, Pallavi is contacted by Prof. Chandramouli reveals to Uma that the daughter of his friend committed suicide after having been married off to a man she doesn't love instead of her lover. Uma is introduced as Arun's old classmate, and is made to promise Pallavi that he would not reveal his actual reason of being there. NinnuKori stands out from all those commercial movies and sets a new benchmark.

Pallavi wins a dancing competition and the two realize they are in love with each other. Music is composed by Gopi Sunder.

Reminder Successfully Set! She is soon approached for marriage by Arun's family, and her family agrees.

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Uma starts giving tuition classes in the penthouse and earns the money he requires. The Pride Of India to roll in October. For the next few months, she continuously ignores Uma, who keeps trying to contact her.