Three Occurrences of Oregon Sunstone

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The crystals may also have suffered less mechanical stress because they remained within the mass of the cinder cone rather than being extruded in a lava flow. Mark Shore recovers a large sunstone crystal from its matrix as Don Buford observes. It is classic volcanic highland, littered with cinder cones, extensive basalt flows, ashfall tuffs, and red cinder beds.

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We plan to investigate whether copper can be leached from crystals after emplacement by a secondary process. Feldspar phenocrysts that formed before eruption are surrounded by a finer-grained or glassy groundmass of the lava flow. The mining season runs from June to October, when the mine is free of snow. All three produce labradorite feldspar ranging from near-colorless to pale yellow to red and green, including bicolor specimens. Gunn and Watkins proposed that these lavas are part of the same volcanic episode, and that their feldspar phenocrysts might even have originated in the same magma chamber.

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Three Occurrences of Oregon Sunstone

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From Portland, we drove five hours southeast to Ponderosa, near the town of Burns. Woodmark is considering bead production as a source of revenue from this clear to champagne-colored rough.

Currently there are only a handful of people to drive the loaders and operate and maintain the other equipment. The bedrock beneath the sunstone basalts is a gray-brown ashflow tuff of variable thickness.