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As you can see there are potentially a lot of forms required to streamline your Personal Training business. In order to run a business you must be firm and clear on your policies and procedures. The form also has space for easy analysis of what factors are affecting the clients attendance and progress so changes in the approach being taken become obvious. Consultation or screening form includes health screen, exercise readiness assessment, goal setting sections.


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Progress review form A summary form which is used to guide a training review process. This is particularly the case for consultation forms.

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Why would you use these Personal Training Forms? When you are formally establishing what training pathway would be best for a potential new client. You will receive your digital order via email immediately after purchase. Want to learn more about each item?

You'll likely use this form daily when growing your business. It helps clients understand exactly what their fitness assessment will entail, crawshaw and chambers and gives them a chance to ask questions before you dive in. It's not that they can't do the process or use the form - it's just they think they can do just as good a job without one. They forget that even when you are excellent at the process the form is still there for the client to follow with their eyes and hearts.

Assessing your clients body composition is pointless unless you can show them something about the numbers. The following is a list of forms you may want to use in your personal training business. All the forms are fully editable so you can easily modify as needed.

Used at the end of each week to track how your clients are going and therefore how well you are achieving your business goals of effectively supporting your clients. Faster results - a client who makes less training mistakes and is more committed gets faster results. Most clients have never had a comprehensive and thorough consultation before and are usually excited and pleasantly surprised by the process. As Personal Trainers we essentially swap money for time. Informed consent form Used at the start of every new client training relationship.

Forms that are used to record the data required from each type of fitness test and enable the easy calculation and comparison of fitness progress for the client and Personal Trainer. Find a complete list of Personal Training forms here.

Personal Training Forms For Your Fitness Business

Order both male and female charts together to save money. Trying to explain to someone new to health and fitness about body composition can be a big headache. Use this proven Screening Form to guarantee your clients are impressed and get outstanding results Link to Client Screening Form. Mould them to fit your business and the clientele you serve. We primarily earn income from training people.

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Personal Trainer Forms

Our customizable six page personal trainer consultation form is separated into health, fitness, and nutrition sections. You can if preferred also purchase individual forms and charts on this page. Your insurance company or certification body may also require that a form similar to this be completed by every new client. With the following charts you can explain different concepts quantitatively numerically as well as qualitatively visually.

Client contract form including payment, cancellation, refund and overdue policies Used at the start of every new client training relationship. This form can be as much for your client as it is for yourself. Additionally they allow you to portray yourself in a professional manner and build confidence in your current clients whilst re-assuring your prospective clients. Use this proven Screening Form to guarantee your clients are impressed and get outstanding results. Get a blank, professionally written customizable consultation form without AskTheTrainer.

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Personal trainer forms allow you to get all the necessary information from your prospective clients to help create a comprehensive fitness program. What forms will you need as a Personal Trainer? Please Contact Us if you have any questions about the personal training forms and charts.

Qualitative body composition analysis charts will allow your clients to visually see what a drop in body fat will look like without any complicated explanations. Sample Client Measurement Tracking Sheets. This is great, but the fitness side of personal training is just one aspect of your career that you need to consider. Link to Client Screening Form. There aren't likely any legal ramifications if you choose not to add this form to your website, but it certainly can't hurt.

Get set up as an independent personal trainer with customizable forms and visually pleasing charts to immediately establish your professional presence and make communicating with clients far easier. When would you need each of the Personal Training Forms recommended? The result is a client who Personal Trains more often and gets into that habit.

The client contract documents then further reinforce protection for both parties. Protect yourself from losing money and time with unreliable clients. As a Personal Trainer you will need a number of forms to make life easy and to capture information, clearly inform your clients and protect you legally. The consultation really is where the rubber meets the road in a Personal Training business. Many personal trainers get into the fitness business because they love exercising and are keen to help clients get great results.

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