The History of the Petter Engine

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Dave Brown, of Salem, Ore. The first managing director was Capt. As a result, I probably receive an average of six or seven letters a week asking about dates and original histories of engines from all over the world. The winds of war were blowing across Europe again by then, though, and the British government aircraft production increased.

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The History of the Petter Engine

The English Universities Press. For one sales campaign, the tractor towed eight tons of Petter engines from Yeovil to Thame for the Oxfordshire County Show. It was used on such equipment as milking machines and saw benches and to drive farm equipment.

Factory at Ipswich was closed

Dick Petter, a son of one of the twins. Also at this time, another heavy engine company, J. This move took place as a consequence of a major takeover of the company in by the Hawker-Siddeley firm.

Reorganized, the business was called the Hawker-Siddeley Brush Group. Its workforce of men produced engines a year. Factory at Ipswich was closed and production consolidated at the Westland Works. Closely linked with Petters, McLaneas already was building some small Petter A type engines when the acquisition occurred. This is where I became involved.

It was decided that I would work from home, and continue commuting. McLarens in Leeds, and this is where my involvement began with Petters. McLaneas, was acquired by Associated.

Dave Brown of Salem OreClosely linked with Petters