Polycom 501 updating initial configuration

Polycom 501 updating initial configuration

Contact a FluentStream Support Technician to assist you if the phone is not working properly. It is important to understand what the three version fields represent in the device update configuration.

This will trigger a reboot of the phone and begin the update process. The higher number directory name e. The Pending Version is the version of files which were last imported into the server using the Import-CsDeviceUpdate cmdlet. This will move the target version number from the Pending Version to the Approved Version field.

Refresh the control panelAdditional Parameters As mentioned

Also note that the firmware version is listed as the Pending version. Also this process can be used to downgrade software if needed as multiple versions can be stored in the same location and a menu will be presented to allow the desired version to be installed. To manually reset the phone, you will first need to make sure the phone is connected to your network and is completely booted up. The previous article mentioned above contains links with more details on enterprise deployment and management practices.

Prepare Restore Version As important asAlso note that the firmwareAlso this process can be usedThe previous article mentioned

Refresh the control panel window and verify that the Restore version entry e. Additional Parameters As mentioned earlier, some of the behavior in the device update process can be controlled by the administrator. Prepare Restore Version As important as upgrading the firmware is, having a way to reverse the update is just as imperative.

To manually reset the

You will need to contact support for the password at support fluentstream. When the phone begins to boot up you will see a Polycom welcome screen and one of the softkeys will be labeled Setup middle key. Prepare New Version Now that the initial version is configured and approved it is ready to be moved into the Restore Version field by approving another version. Copy the desired files to any directory on the Lync Front End server e. The table below indicates which firmware file is used by which device.

All approved devices will begin to automatically update given the behavior previously explained. The Restore Version is initially blank and will be populated when this process is performed again with another newer update.