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There were many disputes between the judges, which attracted many viewers. The series only featured contestants from previous seasons of Afghan Star.

Today not only Zahra Elham but all the girls in Afghanistan have won. According to Arab legend, the original homeland of the Qaysi tribes was in the low-lying areas of the Tihamah along the Hejaz.

The winner was awarded a motorcycle from Pamir Motorcycle. From there they governed on behalf of the caliphs or rebelled against them.

The high profile of the show meant heightened security was introduced around the studios and contestants of the show. In every round, whoever gets the fewest votes leaves the competition until just one is left, who is declared the winner. The prize for the winner was a new red Toyota Corrola, the second prize was a Pamir motorcycle, and the third prize was another motorcycle. The winner of this season was Sajid Hussain Jannaty.

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Third place went to Arash Barez. Sediqa Madadgar from Kabul and Zahra Elham from Ghazni province were two of the female contestants participating in the show. The Encyclopedia of Islam, Vol. The ultimate winner of the season was Navid Forogh from Kabul.

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Third place went to Rashed Aria. Search form Search this site. Changes to the format of the show were introduced, including an extra show broadcast per week.

Sa'd's sons A'sur and Ghatafan each bore several sub-tribes. The theory that Aylan is the father of Qays is rejected by Ibn Khaldun d. Afghan Star is a reality television show competition that searches for the most talented singers across Afghanistan. Auditions were conducted from all the cities visited in previous seasons. This article is about the Afghan Star television series.

The talent net was widened with Afghans from Pakistan and Iran encouraged to participate. After his move to Canada, he began playing keyboards as well, performing live and arranging music for many well known Artists. This season was won by Omid Altaf. This year's winner was Rabiullah Behzad, a student training to become a doctor. She has also been an activist for women rights.

The fourth judge was Saida Gul Maina. Nonetheless, individual Qaysi tribes remained a potent force and some migrated to North Africa and Iberia where they carved out their own power.

Sediqi did not return home to Afghanistan. Sayid Jamal Mubariz finished first, becoming the first rapper to do so, with Zulala Hashemi finishing second, making her the farthest placed female contestant. The structure of the show is such that the contestant with the majority of the votes from people will move forward in the show. Unlike the prior seasons, the winner was simply awarded a trophy. Having a keen interest in learning to play various instruments, he also started learning to play the Tablas from his uncle, Ustad Fazel Ahmad.

Second place went to Haroon Andeshwar, and the runner up was Jamshid Sakhi. For the first time, Afghan Star had auditions outside of Afghanistan, which were in Australia for one episode. Sediq Madadgar got up to the seventh round of the show. At this stage, each week every singer performs and the viewers use their cell phones to vote for which singer they prefer. The music director was Ahmad Jawad Karimi.

Dera Concert - Episode 03 - With Qais Ulfat - 24 August

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? She was on a mission to break down the records of male winners. Auditions were held in Kunduz and Ghazni as well as cities visited in previous series. Also for the first time in the show's history, a rapper Sayid Jamal Mubariz has made the show's final. Pearson Education Limited.

In this season, all the judges and host were new. Instead, Ahmad Fanos became a new judge. What is inspiring about her winning is the fact that she belongs to the Hazara ethnic group which is a minority in the country. In the beginning, Qaysi tribes were hostile to Muhammad and his Islamic teachings, which conflicted with their pagan religion. Uses editors parameter link.

Qais Ulfat, son of Ustad Ulfat Ahang was born in Kabul to a family with extensive musical background. He also started learning the art of playing tabla from his Uncle, Ustad Fazel Ahmad. Second place went to Nayeb Nayab from Farah.

With his unique voice and singing style as an Artist and deep knowledge of music, Qais Ulfat will be one of the judges of Afghan Star this season. After relocating to Canada, which is his current home away from home, how to liveleak videos Qais pursued music as a career and began to play keyboard and arrange music for some well-known Afghan Artists.

Ramishgar returned later on. Qasem Rameshgar returned as one of the judges and the other two, Wali Fateh Ali Khan and Shahlah Zaland, were the same as the previous season. The first-tier divisions, i. The power of Qays as a unified group diminished with the rise of the Abbasid Caliphate which did not derive its military strength solely from the Arab tribes.

The Qays consisted of several branches, which were divided into further sub-tribes. Today, I represent all the girls of Afghanistan.

Uses editors parameter Articles containing Arabic-language text. However, Nazir Khara and Monesa Sherzada-Hassan the only female judge did not return to the judging panel for this series. The music director was Farid Rastagar.


Qais Ulfat Jana Tu Qalb Audio Mp3 MB

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Afghan television series Singing talent shows television series debuts. The guest judge was Tahir Shubab. The tribe does not appear to have functioned as a unit in the pre-Islamic era. The new music director was Wahid Qasemi. The host of the previous season, Mustafa Azizyar, continued to host the show.