The Life And Times Of Reema Kagti

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It would, in fact, have been beneficial for the film to have picked that route, if only to be able to exploit a genre to its potential. Not really, because I do not think about those things. But I feel that with how long Aamir normally takes, I got away quite easily.

And also, more and more women are making mainstream commercial cinema. Also there is not a lot of conflict, because part of why we decided to write together is because we share a similar aesthetic and sensibility. But one day, as they went out, I snuck into the courtyard and climbed it. Bu then so is our country and so is half the world.

And the only reason that has happened is because it is a safe place for women to work. And before the scene she wants to know what the character is about, the back story, what is going on in her head, etc. And there were no creative differences between us.

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And both of them seem to have terrific control over their art. And during the tournament I got an sms from Ritesh Sidhwani asking where I was, and that Aamir had agreed to meet to discuss the film within one hour.

In my case, the fact that I had actors who are also superstars only helped and empowered me. Rani Mukherjee gets her share of realistic cinema in the deglamourised role of a housewife who is coming to terms with the death of her only son. From the time Aamir has come on, he has been extremely supportive of the script, and has helped me make it into a film.