Dotfuscator SmartAssembly CodeArmor. Upsource provides syntax highlighting for multiple programming languages.

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Inheritance Information for Resources Special gutter marks in the code editor give you a quick glance of cultures in which the current resource value is overridden. Oracle Technology Network. Open Source Projects, contributions Research Scientific, marketing research. Visual Studio extension for.

Creating Custom Live Templates Live templates are perfectly customizable. They include an option to export code formatting and code styles setting to an. If you're not happy with the predefined set of live templates that comes bundled with ReSharper, you can create your own templates or modify the default ones. Toolbox App A control panel for your tools and projects.

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Upsource is a code review and repository browsing tool. ReSharper also supports code refactoring, unit testing, navigation and search. In almost every case, you can select the best quick-fix from a variety of options. For details, see ReSharper plugin development documentation. Set up a team-wide code cleanup preference accordingly and let ReSharper take care of enforcing it.

Refactoring Resource Entries ReSharper provides several refactorings for resource entries. This tool integrates smoothly and allows you to work with very big projects. It can also navigate you from any symbol to its related code such as implementations of a given interface, extension methods of a class, or usages of a field.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get the Toolbox App to download ReSharper and its future updates with ease. Creating Code from Usage When ReSharper detects code that it can't find a matching declaration for, it offers multiple ways to create the declaration. ReSharper Command Line Tools are free and don't require a license key.

Configure and apply code style based on your personal preferences or your team standard. Education Students, classrooms, training Open Source Projects support Sponsorship User groups, events, technology experts. As soon as you have search results at hand, group them and preview as you see fit. It can be applied to a file, folder, project, solution, or a custom selection of files. Jump to any file, type, or type member, or navigate from a specific symbol to its usages, base and derived symbols, or implementations.

Feature Highlights More Features. Analyzing References Before removing unused references, you can review all references in a project and see how they are used or not used. Quick Info for Resource Entries ReSharper's Quick Documentation feature works for resource names, giving you an overview of resource values in all cultures defined in your solution. Completion supports lowerCamelCase, letting you use abbreviations instead of full words. You can instantly navigate and search through the whole solution.

Configuring Language Usage Options Has your team come to agreement on whether to use implicit type qualifiers? Multiple code editing helpers including extended IntelliSense, hundreds of instant code transformations, auto-importing namespaces, rearranging code, and displaying documentation. Go to Implementation Jump from a base type or member to any of its end implementations, bypassing intermediate steps in the inheritance chain.

Solution Explorer Awareness ReSharper commands are available on all nodes of Solution Explorer, including the newly introduced file member nodes. If you have an existing installation of any ReSharper Ultimate tool, please mind ReSharper Ultimate compatibility limitations. For most inspections, ReSharper provides quick-fixes light bulbs to improve the code. Last but by no means least, sorting using directives is compatible with Visual Studio and StyleCop behavior, and it supports sorting all using directives alphabetically, new games torrent including System.

You will need an active Internet connection to proceed with installation. Whether you need to revitalize legacy code or put your project structure in order, you can rely on ReSharper. How ReSharper helps Visual Studio users. Results are presented in a feature-rich tool window with grouping options, filtering by type of usage, and code preview.

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Inconsistent Method Naming ReSharper detects that a method name doesn't respect accepted naming conventions and suggests renaming it to use UpperCamelCase. The team products are available as hosted and installed versions and have free versions for small teams. Hub also manages a single database of users, groups, roles, permissions, projects, and shares it among all connected YouTrack and Upsource installations. Code Cleanup Window Code Cleanup brings together code formatting and rearranging, migration to newer code constructs, optimizing import directives and more routine cleanup operations. Configuring Code Cleanup You can configure code cleanup profiles to reach different goals depending on your team coding standards, project specifics, and technology that is being used.

Depending on the context, suggestions may include creating a field, parameter, class, interface, and other language entities. As official and authorized distributors, ComponentSource supplies you with legitimate licenses directly from JetBrains. YouTrack, Upsource, Teamcity. All major technologies covered. ReSharper Ultimate is a license that combines individual JetBrains.

All I can say is I love it. Live Chat with our JetBrains licensing specialists now. Education Products to learn and teach programming. Highlight Usages Highlight usages of symbol in the current file.

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The productivity gains are incredible. Go to Recent Files If you're about to get back to a file that you've recently closed, Recent Files is the shortcut that's going to get you back quickly. Adjust Namespaces This refactoring helps you synchronize namespaces to folder structure in any scope, which can be as large as the entire solution. Whichever technologies you use there's a JetBrains tool to match.

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This article needs to be updated. Kotlin programming language. To-Do Explorer ReSharper can show and group all to-do items in your code base, helping you navigate directly to each of them. YouTrack provides support for both Scrum and Kanban methodologies and allows developers to follow a custom process. System requirements Compatibility notes Known issues Installation guide Performance guide Previous versions.

ReSharper is an awesome tool. TeamCity is a continuous integration and continuous delivery server developed by JetBrains. If you don't use ReSharper, drop what you are doing and go out and buy it!

It allows users to log in with a JetBrains account and install all of the products they own. Read and write usages are highlighted in different colors, and you can quickly navigate between usages. Invoking Extract Class This new refactoring helps break up a complex class into several simple classes, thus respecting the principle of single responsibility and reducing code complexity.

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ReSharper can predict from the context which variables, fields, and types can be used in corresponding templates. Pricing and licensing for businesses and individuals.