Scrubs jd dating danni

Scrubs jd dating danni

However, he began to doubt himself and came to the conclusion that he should not be a doctor. Ted has made three appearances outside of the Scrubs universe in Cougar Town.

Their relationship became very strained, with Keith insulting Elliot whenever he saw her. She had never been able to connect strongly to her emotions, even when she was with her family. She was the sister of the deceased Ben Sullivan who was a close friend of Dr.

Clock was one of the few people in the hospital who were completely impervious to Dr. His melanoma goes into remission in the series finale, and Cole decides to become a surgeon and follow Dr. While trying to impress a date, J.

However, she managed to fix the damage at the end of the episode. Laverne had a husband named Lester, a son, and a nephew Lance who fought in the Iraq War. They balanced each other out perfectly.

He washed his hands hours after his last surgery, avoided lengthy physical contact, and drove home to use his own restroom. When Carla became a surgical nurse, revealing things about Turk in surgery, Dr. Doug and Ted often hung out with each other, and were revealed to bike and compete in triathlons together, as well. Despite her cruelty, Jordan showed loyalty toward friends and sometimes tried to fix her wrongdoings. Cox and Danni Sullivan an ex-girlfriend of J.

Later, they had a daughter, Jennifer Dylan named by J. As the season progresses, Lucy faces more and greater challenges in medicine and life.

Later in the episode, Mickhead was seized by two policemen, protesting his innocence and fighting the arrest. Kelso, and Carla, with whom she was especially close. Out of vanity, he tries to disguise his injury. In one of his early appearances, when making fun of Carla, his nametag said Frank.

He did not do much to rebut the suspicion that he was involved in his wife's death, first practically making out with a nurse in the hospital a few days after the event, then asking J. Cox and asks for relationship advice.

Kelso and Carla with whom she

He was a brilliant doctor who specialized in both internal medicine and surgery. Cox was pretending to mentor the interns, Gloria said that her boyfriend was bi-curious and wanted her to pick his lovers. Randall's first two appearances took place in J.

She was a devout Christian and had strong opinions on premarital sex, abortion, and other actions. Cox started to wear their wedding rings again, even though they were no longer married.

Out of vanity

Keith was introduced as a timid intern who became very popular amongst his fellow interns and some senior staff. He has an Oedipus complex regarding his mother, with whom he lives. The manifestation disappeared once Carla finally said goodbye to Laverne, and Laverne died almost immediately afterward. Finally, Cox acknowledged Ben's death and his ghost dissipated.

Cox took his death very hard, initially blaming J. Ben eventually went into remission.

Later in the episode