Sinetron Bayu Cinta Luna

Not only that, he left goddess who held a baby in lara. Eva always memperlalukannya as assistant, until one day Rudi scolded Eva would rather have fun partying at home receive the effects, Eva replace vent his frustration on Anggun. Lili Mother, Manohara shocked parents knowing proposal from a wealthy businessman was. Bimo is shocked when someone delivers a packet for him containing photographs of Luna and Bayu being intimate with each other. Aira also accepting applications Reza.

Time and tide waits for no man. Krisna spoils Luna and Nadia's reputation in front of their friends by telling them that Luna and Nadia are women of loose character. In another place, Luna and Bayu are talking on the phone. Seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, akhirnya Bimo berani menunjukkan perasaannya. Mungkinkah Bayu dan Luna dapat bersatu kembali?

Dengan wajah kesal Luna keluar dari ruangan Bayu, tiba tiba seorang laki laki menabraknya. Meanwhile, Luna had just stopped working for trivial reasons. Nadia refuses whilst struggling. Bimo feels very upset because Bayu dared to send a parcel for Luna but actually that was done by Lia.

Infact Yulia even shows him the photo of the man who according to her has made Nadia pregnant. Di penghujung episode, mengisahkan Tina menikah dengan Sandy. They also work in the same office.

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Meanwhile, Luna has just quit her job over a trivial matter. From there a new Melatiknow what a mess that guy. Bayu tries to ask Luna to drop the charges but she refuses. Could she avoid him from feeling envious of her mother, the only person he has turned out to feel the feelings that much more meaningful to Safa? Shila baby was already grown up and married with Radit, a playboy.

Bayu Cinta Luna

Bayu goes to Luna, gets down on his knees and declares his love for her. Dibawah guyuran hujan, Luna menyatakan rasa cintanya. Yuanita Christiani also sold as commercials.

Sinopsis Sinetron Bayu Cinta Luna

Bayu yang tahu hal ini marah dan merasa dipermalukan dan dikhianati luna. Krisna tries to hold on to the bag filled with money from the goon but the goon hits him and beats him up.

Benarkah Bayu yang telah membunuh Dewa? Eventually they even become a reliable partner. Meanwhile Krisna gets shocked when Lia comes to know of Nadia's pregnancy.

But not Aurel gave his name as aja kalo. But to his surprise, Lia insults him. To capture time, treasure every moment in your life and let the time that slowly slips away memorable and worthy to be kept as sweet memories. Tristan kept trying to catch Moza. Apa mungkin bayu dan luna bisa bersatu lagi?

Rudi is furious goddess divorce immediately and never received her baby. Persahabatan Rahman dan Imran berlanjut pada keturunan mereka. Gimana kelanjutan ceritanya?

She knows that Luna actually loves Bayu. Makanya, dia pun meminta Bayu mengejar luna dan memohon agar gadis ini mau bekerja di kantor tersebut. In the end Bayu gets down on his knees in front of Luna and declares his love for her. Dono juga adalah penulis cerita Terlanjur Cinta.

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Tampilan Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Versi terdahulu. Luna firmly tells Bimo that Bayu is not at all wrong and it is entirely Bimo's fault. On the other hand, his ambition was to marry a super rich person. Nadia asks Luna to be honest to her own heart.

This sinetron is performing Zaskia Adya Mecca as the main character. Cinta Fitri, is one of the most successful sinetron drama series in Indonesia. The sinetron itself will focus in Manohara story, her unwillingness marriage, vintage handwriting fonts a heavy physics suffering from her husband although the story will not exactly same with her real life.

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Pada akhirnya Bayu berlutut dihadapan Luna dan menyatakan cintanya kepada Luna. But her parents didn't agree her marriage with her boyfriend, therefore Zaskia must keep her marriage as a secret till she got pregnant. Anton was a call asking for debt, but Rudi was again not able to pay off. Hearts are always clean Marwah also get a test. Lucky Mubarak continued to watch Tristan and managed to save Moza.

Marwah never realized that Siti was not his biological mother. Dia merasa sangat bersalah. Sementara itu Zia menghasut Seruni bahwa Luna sedang mengandung anak dari Sandy. Bimo explains that Luna has not played with anyone's feelings.