Singer featherweight sewing machine dating after divorce

Singer featherweight sewing machine dating after divorce

The worst culprits are the

Some sticky old cottons are only fit for hand sewing or tacking or winding onto your husbands fishing reel so that he can tell you of the monster that got away. He knew he could build a better machine himself and after only eleven days Singer produced his first prototype. The worst culprits are the old wooden reels of cotton that can become hard, springy, weak and sticky they can really mess up your sewing machine, big time. Singer was using a mechanism similar to the one used by Howe and Howe demanded payment from Singer for infringement of his patent.

After each adjustment run a trial stitch and examine. That will be part two further down the digest.

Some sticky old cottons are

Henrietta, I would be most interested to read your mom's paper. Now you know why instruction books hardly ever mention lower thread adjustments.

He used pretty girls to demonstrate his machines in luxuriously appointed showrooms. Whilst they were in Chicago Singer invented a reaping machine and later an engine for carving wood type. Within two years he was selling more machines than any other single manufacturer. Now it should have a slight resistance and slightly, only slightly bend the needle.

There is the possibility that the lower tension of the machine is out of balance. To test this simply raise your sewing foot and see if the thread pulls out easier than if it were lowered ready for sewing. Now where was I, Oh yes back to the all important bobbin case thread adjustment. There is also usually the opportunity to examine the machine before committing to an expensive purchase.

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