Why I Like Barstool Sports

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Why I Like Barstool Sports – Branded Sports

The similarities between Club Dave andJohnny Manziel No brainer

Smitty and Nate would get personal and I could not look away. Barstool had that aspect too.

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Johnny Manziel No brainer on this one. They gave myself and everyone else after them the template. Lets think about this for a second. Both are constantly facing scrutiny in the media. The similarities between Club Dave and Johnny Football are absolutely uncanny.

Whether its catching game winning touchdowns in the national championship, or creating the number one sports podcast in the nation, gritty guys will always find a way to succeed. Most people fight with their friends over trivial things all the time.

Smitty and Nate

They never forget where they come from, not that any of that is on purpose. Barstool has always had its faults of course. If everyone who is jealous can tell their fake stories on why Barstool sucks, I a normal year-old man with a typical day job and a newborn on the way can tell his too. As I grew up I still loved Barstool and they grew to new heights.

It went beyond all of that though. However, despite the adversities both of these men face, week in and week out they prove their worth. She is a feminist and a strong one. She explained how frustrating it is for woman in media to tell other woman what they should and should not like and, where they should and should not work. Both of these dudes just love to watch the world burn.

Liam Unlike most sports media outlets, a large majority of writers here at Student Union are huge fans of Barstool Sports and the impact they have had on how we consume our sports news. Weird concept to just give something a chance before denouncing it forever. There are of course idiots out there.