Starry Nights By Shobha De

It was full of Hindi phrases without translations so I had no idea what they were talking about in the book. She falls in love with Akshay Arora, a famous Bollywood sex symbol who stars in a string of hits with her. If you're going to be bad, be the worst.

Starry Nights

Please skip it so you won't get angry with me. She had to shut down her feelings just for the sake of her family. Slowly he gets bore with Aasha Rani and Akhsay's wife declare to one of the magazine that earlier she was a porn actress. The main character complies meekly and without thought for most of the book. But she must be given credit for the perfect use of Hinglish.

Read the book to know more. This was a raunchy novel about a Bollywood starlet nymphomaniac named Asha Rani who uncreatively bears a striking resemblance to a mixture of Rekha and Hema Malini. This is the story we are greeted with upon the very first page of the book, and never is any other viewpoint presented.

Very interesting and scandalous for such a censored society. It may not be the fault of the author but it should have been thought of. Almost as if the author was trying too hard.

Starry Nights

Starry Nights does have a story to tell. Quotes from Starry Nights. Starry Nights by Shobhaa De. Bollywood Nights is also relentlessly sex-negative.

Finally breaking down when her lover Akshay no longer wants her and shuns her, she escapes to New Zealand. She lives in Cuffe Parade, Mumbai. Or they give her something she needs to advance her carrier or make her Amma mother happy.

All except for Akshay Bights, the film star she is desperately in love with. There's nothing to tie the two halves together.

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There is part one which seems like a whole story unto it self and then an intermission and then part two, which seems totally different as well. On Leadership and Innovation. Sudha Rani claims that Jay tried to seduce her and in revenge, Aasha Rani initiates an affair with Jojo, nghts producer of her next film. It brings out what the movie world is all about.

Starry Nights by Shobhaa D

Nothing about the artistry behind it. Sudha Rani is badly burned and is forced out of the film industry, and Aasha reconciles with her. The main character is a woman who is more than okay to use her body to gain a foothold in the movie industry of India. Aasha Rani is forced out of the film industry by Jojo's wife, who sends goondahs to threaten her.

All of a sudden the characters would do something that seemed totally out of their character that they had no motivation for. Writing style is excellent and writer has nicely described many bold accounts in this book.

The novel itself is not extraordinary. One day she asks Akshay Arora to get marry to her but he refuses and due to this she attempts suicide. The conversations and the lingo emerge as the most credible characters and lend credibility to the other characters and the ambience.

That's the real flavor of Bollywood. Overall not something I would read again.

This is a second book of Shobha de. One is bound Shobhaa De unveils the truth about Bollywood film industry in this novel.


Bollywood is fascinating to me as it seems so different from Hollywood. The second part was better than the first as it was not vulgar but the author added this ridiculous storyline in one of the last chapters that was so unnecessary. She meets Jamie and marries him two pages later. The writer has tried to depict the dark side of Filmi, glamour world, but many sexual encounter makes you feel like it's a soft porn book. Further, she went to New- Zealand and during journey she has sex with a man named as Gopalkrishna in plane's toilet.

The main character's mother is a former Bollywood star who's lost her youth, and so she pimps out her daughter to the industry. No man, no woman is worthy of trust, and even the heroine is incapable of sticking to any sort of principle, as distasteful as many of her encounters with men seem to be to her. Since Jay is not Indian and not in the film business, it occurs to her that she does not have to retire once she is married as is the custom in India. The author of this book is also the creator of the bollywood movie magazine Stardust. In the s, she contributed to the Sunday magazine section of the Times of India.

There were times when she thought she was in love but if you don't love and respect yourself how do you imagine you're possibly loving someone else? This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

They have a daughter and a happy life for a few years until he recommends a trip to London, Bombay and Madras where Aasha Rani is from. While working in the film industry, she falls in love with Akshay Arora who is a sex symbol in the movies. Juicy is most definitely a word that comes to mind.

Her characterizations are vague and inconsistent. Do not, I plead you, do not start this book if you want a good story worth your time. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The unrivalled number one of Bombay, Aasha Rani was intent on running her career and her life. Amma's tactics pay off, however, and Aasha Rani eventually reaches A-list status.

No one ever shared that with Shobhaa De. She then has an affair with Linda, a gossip columnist for Showbiz magazine and Abhijit Mehra, the son of an frew, who is about to be married. In fact, backgammon 3d game most of them screw over the main character at least once if not many times. And its attitude towards men is very bitter.

The main character of the book is Aasha Rani sound familiar to anyone? But if you're going to be good, be the best.