Suzuki B-King is King of the road

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Suzuki B-King - First Ride

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Also impressive is its stability at any speed. Proceed at your own risk, but we never encountered stability issues over the course of several hundred miles of varied riding that included dragstrip and top-speed testing. While cornering, suspension feels both firm and responsive with plenty of ground clearance, yet cruising down a pothole-laden L.

Suzuki is known for making great gearboxes and while the unit on our test bike was good it was not as smooth in operation as Suzuki is renowned for. Yet the B-King is as obedient or as wild as your right wrist commands. Easy, just drop in a cc Hayabusa engine virtually unchanged. Six-speed gearbox, chain final drive.

Stopping is achieved via a pair of radial-mount Nissin front brake calipers that grab onto mm diameter rotors. We never encountered any mis-shifts despite repeated full-throttle acceleration antics. Wide-open acceleration from a dead stop is that intense. Thumb the starter and the gigantic cc liquid-cooled Inline-Four comes to life emitting a quiet, sewing machine-like purr.

Some might go close on a dyno chart but in real world riding there is no contest. Gearing is versatile for the streets, with a short first cog allowing for easy drag races, er, I mean launches from a stoplight. In the comfort stakes the B-King is fairly accommodating. The chassis is easily up to the task of backroad burning, providing plenty of cornering clearance and fore-aft pitch control for a machine weighing in at pounds fully fueled. Equally impressive is the high level of overall fit and finish.

But the lack of a front fairing or windscreen can impede triple-digit fun as above mph it feels like the wind is trying to peel you off the bike. It readily changes direction with just a light tug of the wide bars and once a turn has been initiated, subtle line changes can be made without drama. Suzuki realized that this might be a hitch in the equation. Power is transmitted to the gold-colored chain final drive via a six-speed transmission that utilizes a back-torque limiting clutch. Suspension compliance is A-grade in soaking up slab joints, allowing lengthy freeway stints in comfort.