Swoozie and superwoman dating websites

Swoozie and superwoman dating websites

But with Singh it was differentSuperwoman as a character

But as time passed, and she shot to fame, they encouraged and supported her. And from YouTube, I started doing stand-up so I feel like it was just the right time and place.

And from YouTube I startedShe is arguablyBut as time

About Bollywood, Singh of course mentions, a very noticeable influence in her work - Madhuri Dixit. Lilly Singh, a Canadian born Punjabi has taken full advantage of these platforms. People she meets, shopping, her parents, and mostly things that people complain to her about play an important role in the making of her videos. She also mentions that she's obviously influenced by other YouTubers but she says it's her parents that influence her the most.

She is arguably one of the most popular YouTube stars out there, making her own brand of parody videos touching on a variety of topics. Superwoman as a character is quite crazy on screen, but Singh explains that she is not so different from her on screen alias. But with Singh, it was different.

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