Who is the guy with the voice on tmz ever time they do a clip

Tmz voice over guy dating multiple women

Kellon is very effeminate while Amiyah

They think he needs to be a virile heterosexual to keep getting these types of roles. Her last best shot was some network show where she had a recurring role before the show was quickly canceled. His people just picked her and leaked story after story about how they were a couple.

He didn't divorce his baby mama. Cricket quiet as the star moves from one girlfriend to the next.

The game is crumbling and soon, the masterminds will have to find a new beard. Even if he was post-op, he still would not be a woman to me. For the past several years I have been throwing water on every guy this momager tries to plant as a boyfriend to this A list reality star with a side gig. All this damn entitlement.

Shoot he even tatted the

Songwriters are threatened with late night calls and texts about selling songs to someone other than her. Wonder who'll get the baby. Whether she started dating that boyfriend while she was still married is up for debate.

Suddenly his secret life actually mattered. About once a month or so though she is called to action and will show up somewhere with the actor.

Its not their fault the media is capitalizing off of it. After this travel spree, the boyfriend was pushed out of the way because too many people were asking too many questions. That's why they get no respect from me. Now though, things are different. Apparently he is a world class a-hole to his beards and to the guys he hooks up with too.

Kellon is very effeminate while Amiyah has manly characteristics, which is surprising as his manliness contrasts wildly with his ultra feminine exterior. Shoot, he even tatted the word plastic on his new tiddays. It looks really strange when she is supposed to be in a loving relationship with the actor and her friends and family and the friends and family of her boyfriend post loving photos to social media.

It looks really strange when sheHis people just picked her

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They think heHer last best shot was