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Monsters University and Monsters, Inc. Humans eventually return to Earth, but are wiped out due to the pollution.

The witch is in fact Boo from Monsters, Inc. Humans begin to live in space where they are controlled by machines for centuries. Humans are not seen and barely mentioned, meaning they are either absent or uncommon.

While the Cars franchise is clearly set on Earth, no humans are seen, suggesting it may take place in a different time period, possibly after they were wiped out. Moved by hatred, he starts to lead a toy population and believes that every toy will be sooner or later discarded by the humans who own them. Through the doors of Monsters world, the human world is nothing but the world of Toy Story. Chuck asks Ryan to help him maintain the illusion of a healthy and alive fish. Magic, a result of this alternative evolution, would be discovered and secretly handled by some humans in the future.

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This would be a result of experimentation with the same mysterious energy handled by the witch, and that gave supers their powers. It is a very adventurous theory, imaginative and thought out, but there are just one too many plotholes.

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Just like Bing Bong's death in Inside Out because there were no memory orbs left of him. Negroni sees this as a connection to Monsters, Inc. The deaths of the characters even looked similar. Wood carvings of Sulley and the Pizza Planet truck the latter being a recurring easter egg in the Pixar films are seen in the witch's cottage in Brave.

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Just like Bing Bong's death in

However, unable to determine to what time period she would travel, she visits several ones. For example, Boo has a Jessie doll that she gave to Sully. The dentist's aquarium fish devise elaborate plans which eventually allow them to flee their captivity.

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