Updating old mustang suspension

Updating old mustang suspension

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Includes rear suspension as well. Your ammeter stops working. Thank you for steering me toward this system. But some of you out there have chosen to embrace Ford's high-tech overhead cam engine.

Basically a bolt in fit, but minor notching of the chassis rails is needed. No cutting or modifications required to the shock towers, but holes have to be drilled to mount the components.

Getting an alignment is crucial to getting the most from your suspension package. My company is SpeedDirect. Camber is adjusted with a single bolt against the strut.

There are an ever growing number of options, and I have listed them as I come across them. Installation requires trimming the engine bay sheetmetal and front framerails and welding mounting tabs to the front of the unibody. There are plenty of other conversion options as well including numerous braking and suspension improvements. The lower control arms and the strut rods both feature TruCenter pivot sockets, which have more rotation than standard rod ends. This old style, low pressure, Saginaw pump was sourced from a one-year-only Chevy Citation.

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Coil over mounts to bottom arm. Uprights are welded on to pick up the existing chassis rails and thus attach it to the car. Installing a single-wire, high-amp alternator eliminates your Mustang's external voltage regulator and wimpy amp dynamo, keeping your battery comfortably charged. We love the way the Mustang looks now with a very small tire-to-fender gap, but the tires rub at full lock, so we have to adjust it. Custom built components are used, and no welding, drilling or other permanent modification is made to the car, which can be converted back to stock at any time.

Also, any headers that will work for a Fox Mustang will work with this kit. All it takes is eight holes to be drilled and everything bolts right in. This Mini Sub-Frame utilizes new tubular lower A-arms that replace the stock lower control arm and strut rod assemblies. This allows easy ride height adjustments by simply threading the strut assembly in or out of the spindle bracket. This arm rotates during suspension articulation, yet allows the coilover shocks and antisway bar to control the lateral handling.

Slip your classic Mustang into overdrive and lower engine rpm dramatically. The great thing about coilovers is you can change the ride height without replacing or cutting up parts. Rack and Pinion Conversion.

Nice looking kits complete with pump, hoses and tie rod ends, available in powered and manual options. Effectively this means you can have a car with the fabulous looks of a classic mustang, but with the driving dynamics, responsiveness, and improved fuel consumption, of a newer Mustang. Same goes for the oil pan.

Of course you may still need a special new pitman arm with Japanese pattern spline at the box and Mustang taper at the other end. This Total Control Products coil-over kit completely replaces the original suspension, but uses the original mounting points. The Borgeson supplied box Part uses the original Mustang pitman arm. Once complete, the body simply bolts to the chassis via the new tabs welded in front and the original leaf spring forward mounts and framerails in the rear.

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The VariShock coilovers are available in single-, double-, and double-adjustable with adjustable remote reservoir, and the included VariSprings are available in a multitude of spring rates. With the addition of power steering, the Olds required a power steering pump, but specifically one valved for a power rack, not a steering box. And honestly, when this modern mod swap is performed correctly, it looks incredible in a classic Mustang. The shock body is also adjustable for compression and rebound for optimum tuning. The front system consists of a bolt-in front crossmember with motor-mount brackets that becomes the pickup points for the tubular lower control arms.

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The kit includes a bolt in mounting cradle, subframe connectors with struts, adjustable control arms, and more. One for drag racing and street use, and one for road racing and performance applications.

Penske coilover shocks are included, as is a quick-ratio rack-and-pinion steering assembly. Also, the adjustable headrest protects your neck and back. Although the rack brackets did bolt up, the pan hit the steering bracket.